curing dried out bud

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  1. So i waited a little to long to harvest one of my plants (white rhino). I posted pics awhile back, its pretty dry but i can see the crystals are still intact. My question is due to my bud being really dried out and from what ive heard curing can bring back *some* of the moisture, how often should i open the jars? i usually do once a day for the first 2 weeks and then once every few days after that.

    but in my case how should i do it? also i cut off the stems, hope that wont affect bringing back moisture.
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    Use lemon peals on the jars, good smell and the moisture of the peals help the buds.
    One week you see the diference.

    Shake the jar once a day and open them for a moment, then close it and put it on a dark place.

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