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  1. I got some bud curing in a glass jar. I followed the instructions from this site and others so I believe the bud was put into the jar at the right point. While growing the plant never really had a smell to it. Two wks after curing I opened the jar and the bud smells spicy like "hot fries" (the snack with the comic strip character Andy)When I grinded a little to sample it kinda smelled citrus/roach spray--I don't know if it is because I didn't flush long enough before harvest. When I smoked a fat joint I didn't feel anything until almost the end of the joint. The buzz was nice but it doesn't last long. The bud is from bagseed so strain unknown.

    I think I may have harvested this one too soon. The hairs were brown and withered but I didn't check the gland heads. Could this be the problem?? when I grind up the bud the little flowers are tiny.

    What could have went wrong?? Is the spicy smell usual?
    Any thoughts???
  2. if the bud did not smell when flowering , It sounds like a bad strain with very low thc content
    sorry to be the bringer of bad news :(
  3. Just because a plant doesnt smell much in flowering doesnt mean it has a low thc content.northern lights is a low odour strain and it will get u rightly stoned!
    Different strains have different smells thats just the way it is, How long did u flush it for before harvesting? maybe the left over ferts gave it a bad taste!
    Or maybe its shit weed? it could be any number of things really ;)
    Hope that helps!
  4. was the weed from the bag good? if it wasn't then it's probably bad genesif it was, then i duno what went wrong... maybe you did harvest too soon?
  5. yeah different weeds have diff smells, but they DO smell THAT smell u know the one ie mean :)

  6. Did you notice any molding on the bud? Were they still wet when they went in to cure? Did you burp your jar ever? The hairs are brown and withered? How long did you flush for? How long did you let em flower for? too many q's :D
  7. How does it burn? If it keeps going out and has a hard black ash then there are nutrients present still. A water cure would wash out most if not all the left over nutrients.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
  8. i recently cut a test bud from my out door girl, dried it for 3 1/2 days then threw it in the jar for 2 weeks exactly, burped 3 times a day, bud was [premature and small to say the least, but had a killer smell, rolled it up and got blazed, is this the normal curing time for more humid climates or should i wait the alotted 3 weeks in the jar for the rest of my harvest, plant is still in flowering mode. weird circumstances lemme noe something
  9. The longer they stay in the jars, sealed tight, with no light or heat sources present, the better smelling & tasting they will get. I've had some stuff from a friend while back who stored some shit for 2+ years because he completely forgot about it. It was just sitting in the bottom of his freezer chest in the basement, and actually got that perma-frost crap all over the jar so it was hidden. The buds didn't get freezer burn or anything because they were COMPLETELY dry when he put them in there. That shit had me twitchin', son. No joke. :metal:

    Oh yeah, and it tasted like pixie stix when I exhaled it... Friggin sick..........
    Peace. DM

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