Cured weed Vs. Not cured weed

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  1. God damn son, down in Canada shits still illegal and for the most part always has been, as a result i've always had weed that hasnt been cured. Still has fertilizer in it, crackles all the time, shits flyin' everywhere, always fucking MAD coughing.

    Today i picked up some cured shit and the difference is absolutely incredible. I didn't know weed was supposed to taste this good and when you smoke cured shit you don't even cough..I know this seems ridicilous but it just blew my fucking mind smoking on unfilitered shit my whole life.
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    Yea lol I've picked up some sour and the fertilizer completely fucked up the taste to the point I didn't even wanna taste it. I kinda got used to it well that's NY for you
  3. Yeah i know that feeling and you know what for the longest time i thought i was getting quality herb, didn't know what the fuck was up!!

    I feel deprived..But this is the type of shit you gotta deal with when a guy is just tryin'a turn a profit without going to jail.
  4. after you get some uncured weed you can try curing it yourself...sometimes it works, sometimes it does not help
  5. next time you get a pick up take half and leave it in a jar, let it sit for a month and itll taste amazing!
  6. Cured weed is the shit.

    Though I have to still cure most of my stuff. I'm in Washington by the way

    Ussualy I just let it dry till the stems snap in one clean break, no bends. Then I put it in a jar, which I open daily anyway to smoke from but you should open it everyday anyway to let gassess exscape and what not. I'm not sure of the exact chemical process but I'm sure thats important.

    DO NOT STORE WEED MOIST, it doesn't keep it "fresh". It creates an environment for mold to live.
  7. If I ever get uncured bud I wouldn't smoke it, I'd let it cure. No point in smoking weed unless its at its finest.
  8. Yea I would never smoke uncured weed, sounds like it would not be a good time.
  9. Ive smoked uncured weed, it doesnt always burn right and its harsh. Id much rather have cured, smooth, clean burning nug any day.
  10. According to my guy, when the plant is still in the ground you can wash off all the shit and it will still produce THC, he even says that doing it this way will allow the THC to grow back in greater quantity, I know this guy knows his shit as hes the only guy i know with his card but IDK if that's true or not.

    Just picked some more up today, don't even gag when taking hoots or nothing, nice and smooth.

    The last shit i had picked up smelled funny and crackeled and shot sparks everywhere when i took the lighter too it, was really harsh too i was like what the fuck man.
  11. you need to tell your grower to flush.

    here's some methods:
  12. My new guy does but my old guy didn't.
  13. lol what shit was he talking about washing off? that has me confused.

    maybe you guys need to get the cannabis grow bible and familiarize yourselves with it.
  14. some ppl suggest jars boxes, ima suggest paper bag on top of your TV Curing weed helps pull thc to the surface of the bud, and helps improve flavour, and smokability (to an extent) sounds to me like, your guys, guys, suppliers, farmer isnt rinsing his stuff before crop... newbie mistake. non-cured weed doesnt taste 'bad' its just a pain to smoke for the most part (that joint that wont stay lit, even though the weeds dry) and alot of the time tastes "fresh, and green(like plant lol)" i used to grow my own bud, and never cured it (used it in my bong) and it tasted amazing (cause i flushed it) IMHO best way to STORE weed is in glass, kept sealed in the freezer (helps "preserve" the moisture without adding moisture to it, or promoting mold growth)
  15. This whole time i meant flushing and not curing by the way...

    I think..I'm stoned as fuck.
  16. If your trim dry, you wont need a cure once its dries. Depending on the strain. Some keep a heavier smell like OGs. Of course a cure is what brings the most out of your buds potency flavor and quality but a dry trimming is like a slow cure. Comparing to trimming wet, you lose the smell n get that "hayish" smell. But curing it in mason jars for a couple weeks will help bring out the flavors n aroma.

    Unflushed weed aint good for your throat, tell the grower whats up. It aint that hard to remeber to stop feeding it nutes and only give your plants water for the last two weeks of Harvest.:smoke:
  17. What exactly is curing weed? Just trimming it up?
  18. Nope cured weed is like perserving your weed, like can fruits. You store it in a air tight sealed mason jar. As its perserving, the chlorophyll (the green plant material on the bud) will lose the green color, leaving the natural colors of the flower. Same with the natural scent and taste. Most importanly, the longer in the jars the more potent the weed is gunna be. Its like wine. The older the better.
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  19. Yeah my old dude was HA i think so i wasn't saying shit but my new guy is awsome and it seems like its gonna last.
  20. I knew what you meant ;) :D

    Yeah, the difference is wonderful. Which is why I can't fucking wait to grow my own. So tempted to see if my mom will let me grow a small plant or two in the backyard, but I already know the answer so I probably shouldn't bother.

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