Cured Nugs In Uncured Jar

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Errly Bird, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I have been looking around and have yet to find any answer to my current question. Can you put a couple cured nugs inside a jar of uncured nugs? Has anyone done this and what was your experience? I was thinking maybe the uncured might start to smell a bit like the better nugs. Just a weird little question that seems interesting to me. Any opinions welcome :)

  2. Think it's gonna end up like gang wars in there?
  3. Haha I dunno. I'm not worried about mold. The nugs are past the sweating stage and I only open the jars one or two times a day. Just wonder if putting some real good smelling nugs in with them will help boost them or not as far as smell and taste goes.
  4. I highly doubt it dude the smell that comes from cannabis is from the starches changing to sugers or the other way around. Like i say i dont think cannabis could take on a smell but its own... saying that ive only had 2 harvests and am far from a expert!
  5. No that sounds legit. I was just thinking about how people put orange peels and other things to make their bud smell a little different. Didn't know if I could do the same thing but with other nugs :) Also anyone know how to delete a thread? I made 2 of the same thread on accident and can not find a fucking delete button. The have only been up for an hour so the 7 day rule shouldn't apply here.
  6. Yeah I've heard of the orange peel trick but always thought it was for hydration and not smell, will look into it! You can't delete threads on here bud don't worry about it I'm sure a mod will see the double post n delete one.
    i appreciate that. And yeah I reported my double so hopefully they will take care of it.

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