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cure your cancer!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Odin420, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. cancer is caused by to much inorganic carbon built up in your cells, (you get it by driving your car behind other cars, and living in an enclosed space) the only way to truly beat cancer is to understand that cancer is a conspiracy, evergreen trees cure cancer, thats why they are few in number, low levels of CO2 is what’s needed. You must eat, gorge yourself over and over again with organic foods, and vaporize your weed after every meal so you are not so full, and after years of this you will be a stronger person, and no cancer, than you were before you ever started vaporizing weed
  2. Do you have proof to prove this method?
  3. What does this have to do with Medical Marijuana?
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    just myself, i had skin cancer, and it was spreading and the doctors said they wanted to remove a large part of my shoulder, so I disagreed with their solution, so 5 years ago started just what I said, but did not start the vap. Till 2 years ago, and the recovery has been faster than I thought, I almost feel like a kid again, and I have no desire for sex (another conspiracy), like I was a kid, so nice now my brain has started to function again like it did when I was 5, (I was a child prodigy) now a MJ toker for now and always!!!! And with MY mind watch out retarded anti-marijuana organizations, Odin is back alive and kicking!!!....ASS…..LOL

  5. what do you think?

  6. you got that right....LOL
  7. Organic food has no advantages over conventionally grown food.
  8. There are like 100 different ways of getting cancer, lmao.
  9. I can see what you mean. The power of your mind does seem astonishing.
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    i would have to disagree with you on organic foods, vegs grown using cheap synthetic fertilizers can, over time destroy your body, and will damage your reproductive system. A mixure of both organic and synthetic fertilizers yield the best for MJ, but for food you eat, you must look at the building blocks of life, life can not exist without life, synthetic fertilizers are made from crude oil, like all prescription drugs, this is “dead” carbon, or inorganic carbon, all traces of life is long gone, but organic fertilizers (like blood,bone meal) have life within it, the plant absorbs this better, and the end result is much more nutritious, and over time you will evolve to a higher being, while those eating synthetic foods slowly de-evolve to 2012 American population, and future gorillas in the mist….LOL

  11. i try........sometimes
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    I was about to lock this up for the OP being a snarky individual, but I'll let it slide. But OP, come on man, at least try to be a bit more coherent.

    Less snark at mods would be nice too.
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    Bud im just making what I say entertaining, most what I say is far out the norm, but try to understand im an American, for many generations, this country has gone down such a path, that everyone has one form of cancer, its just how you deal with it, since I had an IQ of 195 when I was 5, seriously everyone should listen to me before it too late for them, even super smart people like me had a crap life due to the greed and stupidity of our leaders, my advice is not designed to help those who believe in “god” or believe if they do this and this then their sole will be saved, no, it designed for those who are sick of slavery, and the underlying root that made American slaves, namely our food supply, it’s a serious issue, and those who understand what im saying will benefit greatly, and cure, or prevent most cancers
  14. He's actually got a point, and although he may be taking it a bit too far by saying organic food will cure cancer, its actually terrible for us to continue along this path in regards to the food in this country. 50-60 years ago there weren't all these chemicals we have now in our food. Chemicals that before, never entered the human digestive system.
  15. then again look at the size of tits these days

    thats fucking growth hormones man:hello:

    BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone)

    without them

    boobs will be tiny and lackluster o_O

    no but honestly im just kidding

    thats what surgery is for if you dont have the genetics

  16. boobs are so big but so droopy, and just feel like a flat tire, back in the day, real Americans (people who lived here since at least the early 1800's) and the Cherokees, they knew not to eat your fish, but to use it as food for the plant you grow. Boobs back then were all firm, and they were more healthy

  17. Woooooooow Nelly. You have an IQ of 195? I think you'd be a hell of a lot more eloquent than this if you really were that intelligent...

  18. snark
    –noun a mysterious, imaginary animal.

    He was being an imaginary animal?
  19. #20 Odin420, Oct 8, 2010
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    Yes, that was when I was 5, and full of energy. Some advices to parents, if you see a child super smart, protect them, because I was not. After being tested at this at an autistic center for children, my life was destroyed; first they wanted to constantly test me to see what I could and could not do. Then when I refuse to corporate, I was put in the care of a Jew doctor, Dr. Kaplan, at the time I did not realize what was going on in the world, I was only 7, and this was 1982, and everyone knew the world was going to end in 1984, and by this time the European Jews once again got a foot hold in America, took them since the civil war to get control though. My family was one of the major creators of America, Grandfather even was an Engineer for NASA during the 1969 moon landing, and was in the control room during the moon landing, no big deal to me since I find him simple anyway, then he moved to New Zealand to get away from this none sense. Ok now I was a prisoner of the Jews, and according to that Jew I was crazy 7 years old 50 pound weakling, but really smart, and the Jew wanted this knowledge, too bad…….so I was injected with chemical cocktails that would kill an elephant, and my only defense was to stay as catatonic as I could till the chemicals wore off, I took a number of these deadly chemical cocktails over an 11 month period, 2x3 times a week, till I could not even remember my own name, NO JOKE!!!, at the end I was so beaten down, I went into my own mind, trying to repair the systemic damage I suffered at the hands of a Jew. After I got out, my vision went blind within a year I went from 20/5 vision to 20/2000, had glasses an inch thick!!

    Now im not prejudice what so ever, but this destroyed my life, I never got compensated for anything, but I have to look at things though the Jews eyes, they have lots of money, but absolutely no intelligence, but super smart people do not value/need money to live a good life, so they found anyone like me, who refuse to bow before their over abundance of money, and I did stick out with my massive cone head, (just FYI my head now is 24” round, and 7” talls measured from the center of your eye to the top of your head, IQ is unknown, still repairing/remembering) I mean dam, look down at your penis guys, do you see a piece missing? WTF who has such a right to do this to little babies!!

    i guess i need to be happy i can even recover, if i was born one generation early, i would of had electricity frying my brain, rather than toxic systemic chemicals I was exposed to!!
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