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    cancer is a conspiracy, evergreen trees cure cancer, thats why they are few in number,

    Orly? any links?

    Originally Posted by Odin420 [​IMG]
    You must eat, gorge yourself over and over again with organic foods, and vaporize your weed after every meal so you are not so full, and after years of this you will be a stronger person, and no cancer

    This will protect me against ionizing radiation?

    Honestly bud i do not know, i know how i have recovered, and shared it, i do believe anyone can recover from practically any problem you have if you just eat….a lot, without getting fat. The only way I know of is what I wrote; also you might want to stay away from anything with Omega3, Vitamin D, and any ingredient difficult to pronounce…good rule of thumb.

    You guys, I was super smart, still kind of a smart ass, but that devastation I suffered so young, I never paid attention in class, made C's, just enough to pass, sat in the back of the room and slept most days with my prescription sunglasses with I inch lenses, just wanted to be left alone, till I could recover, and now im getting there!!

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