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    Hey GC,

    Was wondering if you could drop your two cents on me, regarding a curing container besides jars. I have about 36, 1/2 gallon Ball Jars. It looks like i will need a lot more for our collective garden. I honestly cant see myself using up to 80 .5Gal jars.

    i dont really have the storage, and never mind the time i would spend unscrewing the lids and resealing them everyday, for several weeks. I scrog a nice sized garden, and i am no stranger to putting in 40 hours a week in my garden (at least). I m hoping there is another "PROVEN" method that you speak about, from experience. If it's all about 1 gal jars, and nothing else does it as good, i will devote the time to burping jars.

    I appreciate your advice and attention.

  2. you can cure in a vacuum-sealed turkey bag
  3. How do you burp it then?
  4. Burping is also completely unneeded if it is dried properly to begin with.
  5. While expensive, i have seen these in very large sizes. Like 3 gallon or so.

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    I suppose it have to "burp" i can just make hte bag larger than it need to be, and i can cut open and reseal.

    How much dry material can i get into a 3 gal Jar? It's 7 of us in this garden, and there is probably going to be about 12#s of total dry weight.

  7. FYI
    I try get about 85-90% of the moisture out. I hang dry each branch, then put into jars.

    thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. My friend gets anywhere between 8 oz and 1 lb, depending on density, trim style, etc. He usually just leaves long branches of bud for the 4 weeks of burping, then pulls them out, cuts off the smaller buds, seperates the big buds from the popcorn, and condenses to about 60% of the original # of jars(from 10 to 6 for storage in his case).
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  9. He had 3 outdoor plants last year and harvested about 5 lbs, but he gave a bunch to me and his dad who he grows for. idk how much i saw after he had it jarred up

  10. Fantastic. # gallon jars seem like that would do the trick. i can manage that. didnt even see 3 gal jars in the market. I will search...

    Thanks again.
  11. i'll call him and see if i can find out where he got them or snoop around on google. i've never looked for them b/c i haven't NEEDED them. Yet anyways ;)
  12. You guys are so inspiring. I'm about to go buy a few half-pint jars for my first piddly little harvest.
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    I am a home brewer as well as being a Gardner. I have a bunch of large glass carboy's that I use for my beer but the neck is to small.Did a little searching and found what I think is perfect with large mouths I was thinking about getting a couple myself as I can have almost 100 jars at harvest time and it is a bitch to burp those These ain't cheap but figure 2, 5 gallon units might get me by and take up a lot less space on the shelf than almost 100 jars.


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  14. Awesome find Shank! Thank you!

    @waitwtf: Growing is addictive imo. i would grow hundreds if i could. Not for the bud so much as just the experience. When i walk into my room there is no more relaxing place in the world.
    i guess what i'm saying is, it won't take you too long to start needing the big jars. That 1g/watt goal is a reasonable one and you'll be so proud when you have to shell out the cash for a big jar b/c you just don't have enough time in the day to burp all those jars. i'm not there yet, but getting close. Good luck!
  15. Yup. I started growing serious I guess 2 years ago. Have always grown just not to this extent as now I have the time. My flower room is fully automated with the exception of nutrient monitoring. I still check everything manually. I now want to start creating different strains of my own. I think that this is still in it's infancy as many are still looking to create the "Everclear" of Ganja and are just now getting into the different properties and sorting them out to refine them.
    Anyway myself, glass jar curing is the way to go.
    Good Luck, It's back to the Flower Room for me.
  16. Tupperware bro. You can also go to your local farm/feed supply store and get some airtight dog/cat food storage bins for like 15 bucks. 5gallon
  17. pretty cool. why didnt i think of that. my buddy has a small winery and a few of those things around the crush pad.

    Right on. Thanks for the word.

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