Cure to feeling down?

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  1. Sometimes I get depressed for no reason like once a month. I dont know what it is. But I just get really sad and I feel like everyones being an asshole to me. Does anyone else experience this? I just feel really bored all the time now that im home from college.
    Can you guys think of a cure for this? Maybe I should just smoke an L and chill out?
  2. i get this a lot.
    i dont know, you just have to think happy thoughts.
    listen to music, or call some friends and go out or something.
    or just call and talk to a friend and tell them whats on your mind.
    obviously weed helps, but only for a while. then you just end up feeling depressed again once youre burnt out
  3. Beat off, seriously, immediate relief
  4. Ya, I get that allot, but my family life gives me reasons. I just call it, "My Time of the Month."

    For everything that goes wrong in my family, my mother dumps it on me, and I'm a worrier so that just makes it bad. I get depressed from everything that my bro's done to her, to her job declaring bankruptcy, to how college is the most important thing in my life and I just take it. I hold in all my feelings for it and then...BOOM! It all floods out of me, I'm pissed, I don't want to talk, The world sucks, all this negative vibes.

    I don't usually tell my friends about my "real life" I hold everything inside of me till I'm high and when I can't help it. I believe that's why it happens, I don't know about you, but do you suppress things like that?
  5. I get this alot, but its more than once a month. Its just, all the sudden on monday i'll start the week with a shitty outlook on everything. and then for the next 2 weeks or so, im just depressed all the time.
  6. Ha. i might just go on a blunt ride and listen to some uplipting 2pac songs. Any rap songs you guys listen to that brings your mood up?
  7. this happens to me to Ill have a good month or 2 hangin with friends then just stay at home for weeks (except for work) just beat off to latina porn wont talk to my friends think of suicide every day its a sad life
  8. happens with me mainly in the winter. on nice bright sunny days nature is just too nice for me to be feeling sad.
  9. Yeah im exactly like this. I keep everything inside until maybe an argument with a friend or something will trigger it, and all I want to do is be alone.

  10. same here man I dont even tell my good friend ive known for since i was four (nineteen now) about my feelings

  11. Suicide comes across my mind. Like I can picture myself doing it, but I know I actually wont do it because I know that thats the weak way out. ya know? Life is rough, but I know I can pull through. But if music wasnt there for me then idk. Music is my way of destressing. Music will never get mad at you.:rolleyes:
  12. yea bro, i have a wild imagination and have thought of different ways to go out. music is also my life, its my outlet. i dont ever talk to people about my problems.....i just put it into poetic form onto a piece of paper. its my daily therapy.

  13. you two may be my long lost twins :cool:

    I'm not one to express my feelings to everyone. The person who knows me best is either my girl or my mom. No one else.

    Music's my outlet and drug of choice. Been making music for a while, finally started writing it.
  14. ^^ nice, what kind of music do u guys write/play?
  15. Ya man I feel like that to.
    A feel like that to but don't worry almost every person is like that, that's why we have drugs.
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    Depression is commonly brought on by stress. I know how you feel friend..

    Im currently completing my final months at college, im 18 years old and have 5 more months of schooling untill im finished and can move onto university and move out..

    Every now and then things pile up on me, Friends annoy me, parents hassle me, school work gets overwhelming, and i just feel physically and mentally drained..

    Thats when i take time out to do what i enjoy, i love keeping good company so i talk with my close friends, i enjoy the herb so i pick up a few grams of dank and smoke with my lil brother and toke buddy dan. I am also very musically orientated, i play and listen to music alot aswell as writting rhymes.. So when im feeling down thats what i do, chillin to good music, with good people and good herb.

    I think of it like this.. Ive got 5 months (or however many) left of doing schooling (or whatever hardship your facing) After this its all over and i can move on, if i do well i will be able to attend university (or whatever your goal is) if i dont do as well as planned, i can go to tafe then university, or waite for a while and enter as an adult (have a backup plan for your goal incase things fall through) But if worst comes to worst.. I mean its just one small insignificant thing along the coarse of my life..

    It isnt worth the distress and greif worrying about not achieving... Live life, love life.

    Hope i helped :D

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