cure stalled?

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  1. our stuff has been in mason jars for almost a month now, hay smell still persists (right when you open the jars to burp them) and then hardly any smell at all...

    are they drying too slowly?

    we're only opening them every 2-3 days, it gets you good and high but taste and smell just aren't there...

    any way to fix this?
  2. Your buds are to dry for starters, if they dont cure its to dry....
    Problem number 2, if you think ur curing burp TWICE a day not every 2-3
  3. we started at twice a day and then tapered down to every 2-3 days over the past couple weeks
  4. Buds that smell like hay or grass-clippings, in my experience, don't get to smelling much better.
  5. hmm, do i need to rehumidify?

    i did take it and put it all together, filling up the mason jars instead of spreading it out over a few
  6. Lemon peel got em moist

  7. So how do you get your buds to not smell like that?
  8. Try putting a healthy fan leaf in the jar while you let it cure, if its to dry this will give it some moisture and hopefully bring out a smell
  9. You get ahold of a different pheno or strain to grow.
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    There are numerous techniques to enhance flavor, but all of ones I've heard of that preserve the quality either only change the flavor a tiny bit or enhance the flavor that's already there. If you start from grass clippings, the best you can hope for is bud that smells like "good" grass clippings.

  11. It's probably not because of the strain, but because the buds were too dry (and they wont cure if they were) when they were put in the curing jars. The reason it smells like hay/grass is becuase the chlorophyll hasnt broken down, and curing is what breaks down the chlorophyll. If you dont mind bag appeal you can always water cure, which i have found actually gives a much smoother smoke than jar curing. It wont smell like grass, it'll be just as potent as jar cured bud, but it will look like shit.

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