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  1. Hello ladies and germs quick question I chopped down my girls hung them temps 18-22 humidity was 50-60% left them hanging for about 7-8 days where they was dry out it all into glass jars with a thermo to test humidity the test was 69% so I took them out for a few hours and now it's 66% there all trimmed up but the problem is is got that shite hay smell???? Will this go? They been in jars for 3 days now. Now I left some still hanging went in there trimmed it up there bone dry and smell fucking amazing I feel that I have pulled my own pants Down here. I think next time I'll hang them leave them for a while and the jar. I hope it's not all fucked. Bright note it smoke nice it's smells nice when smoking it's smooth just hasn't that lovely smell when you take it out for a smell

    Any advice people?

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  2. That smell will go away during the cure. Takes a week or two.
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  3. I hope so haha cheers brother

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  4. IMO, you should be putting them in jars prior to the cure.

    From fresh:

    Dry some. put in jars for 30 min. Remove and let dry more. Put back in jars when they are crispy again. Leave them for an hour or so. Then remove and let dry more. Once the stems snap, you can seal them up for a cure.

    I use this tek every time and I always have good results.

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