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Cure for the hangover?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. At 10:30 int he morning after a night of heavy drinking my mom woke me up to help her put my cats in cages so she can take them to the vet. After hearing cats scream first thing in the morning my head feels like its about to explode...

    What are you guyses favorite method of alleviating this excruciating pain.
  2. HIGH All, up here on The WET Coast we start with the "hair of the dog that bit us" (what we were drinking the night before).
  3. haha.... thinking about having another cheap beer or a swig from that jug of wine would have made me puke. Nonetheless drinking it.

    Anyway, I cured it.
    I drank like 10 glasses of water, took a multivitamen, and ate some toast. I feel good as new.
  4. there's prepackaged shots you can buy around here called 'hair of the dog'. they smell like sulfur, taste like poo, and don't work. lol. my favorite method is to take a shower, smoke a bowl, and eat some breakfast. gotta smoke that bowl though, or i get these wicked headaches that last all day.
  5. a glass bottle of Scotlands secong national drink.......IRN-BRU.........we love whiskey, but this stuff sorts out my hangover, and has a secret ingredient that has been passed down the generations, and the main dude goes into a private room, and mixes it.....then adds it to the vats of juice..........mmmmmmmm.........i swear it's cocaine they're i was so addicted when i was younger i'd drink like 6 bottle s day............Peace out.........Sid
  6. Hangovers come from nutrient deficiency in your brain, so something full of vitamins like V8 (vegetable juice) should help.

    And "hair of the dog" is not a good habit to make. Although it may make you feel better, it's just making the problem worse and is a good step to alcoholism.
  7. there these packages you can take before drinking and it cures hangovers
  8. But there is a difference between a cure and a preventive measure.

    I almost always drink a ton of water before I crash, but occasionally I forget, and pay the price.

    Everyone who doesnt know, if you drink enough water the night of drinking you wont be hungover at all.
  9. Best cure I have found for a hang-over is: Don't Drink! Smoke all night long never gives me a hang-over! LOL
  10. A bloddy mary to get rid of the stomach trouble...(and head)
    A joint for yer head....
    Then when the munchies kick in- don't fight'em....go with the flow. Nutrition is important the day after
  11. Yea you are right Little Wing, water before bed is the best way to prevent them b/c a hangover is just your body being dehydrated(atleast I'm pretty sure).

    But c'mon people only one person has had the right answer so far(call me herb).


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