cure for insomnia?! I'm serious!

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. I know the #1 most popular cure for insomnia is weed for stoners, but man I have not had a decent's nite sleep for about a week now, and I am about to go nuts~~
    I have smoked so many bowls tonight, and of some very chronic buds, so I can't figure it out! I haven't had any caffiene, and usually after this good amt I am so stoned I can't see but I feel like I am ready to start a new day at 2am!


    Anyone help me with a cure? Alcohol and Valerian Root/Kava Kava has done no good either in the past week... I've gotten past the so tired i can't think part and am getting into that giggly delirious frustration that follows
    heellp meeeeeeeeee
  2. Have you tried sex? Helps me sleep like a baby getting all that stress and tension released.
  3. If you really are having trouble getting off to sleep at night there are a few edibles that usually work, but the best thing to eat is eggs.

    If you have ever been into hospital for an operation, you might have noticed the substance they use to induce sleep before anaesthesia is often a milky white liquid held in a large syringe. It's actually an egg based formula and it really is quite powerful.

    Of course, you can't head off down to the pharmacy and ask for a pint of the stuff, but if you boil up about 6 eggs and eat them about ten minutes before going to bed, you'll drop off before your head hits the pillow.

    Sweet dreams....
  4. Hmmmm...I can never sleep right after I smoke...I take a Klonopin...but, you need a doc to get those. Have you ever tried some old home remedies? Like eating a turkey sandwhich (it has some chemical in it that begins with a T, that makes you fall asleep), drinking warm milk. My hubby swears by Kava doesn't do a thing for me.
    Good luck to really sucks when you can't sleep.

  5. Tell him you want to try Ambien. I used it when I worked overnights. Very mild, put's you to sleep and then goes away. No hangover.

    I myself am a hardcore reader. Just anything with about three pages and I'm out cold!

    Tell your b/f that you need a deep relaxing back massage.
    Maybe a warm bath and a hot toddy?

    And also, make a certain bedtime and get up time and stick to it. Eventually your body will adjust.

    Ya might wanna back off the smoking before bedtime too.

    Good luck.
    And get to bed young lady!

    Sorry, that's just the daddy in me talking.
  6. lets see,.... this is probably an old post an ya had your orgasm and goodnights sleep by now :)
  7. Hahaha yes I tried all the old things, eventually I passed out for a couple hours.. I was up @ 5 this morning having went to bed at 2:30ish, so hey SLEEP IS SLEEP! I'm feeling better but want ACTUAL sleep..

    I don't know what it is, I almost pass out... And then I get a second wind! It's annoying, but I'm thinking of going to a doctor about it. I have alot of stress in my life right now and my co-worker says that's probably my problem, and I need sex (funny how that's what everyone's telling me)... But the sex isn't the issue :) hehe

    I never knew that about eggs though! I think I'll mix up a batch of scrambled eggs and see if they do the trick~

  8. epic necromanced thread but kava.... hmm... might need to order some up. im going through the worst insomnia right now
  9. Sex


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