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  1. whats up gc?

    I have kings kush,super lemon haze and afghan kush in mason jars right now...been in there for a week and it doesnt really smell like weed.. It smells barely.. when i break it up it has a lil weed smell to it.. would addtional cure time help the smell and taste?? noticeable??
  2. Curing definitely makes a noticeable difference in taste and smell. If it's done right (not too crisp or wet) the flavor will noticably change at about 2 weeks in the jar.

    A tip on something I just learned this past season... is that the nutrient sulfur is key to smelly weed. Sweet, bud-candy or sulfured molasses make a significant difference in the flavor. You can also use sulfur when mixing up the soil.

    I used "natural" Sweet from botanicare this past season and saw a 400% increase in flavor and odor compared to the several season prior.
  3. Curing is key.
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    ive heard that its better to use un-sulphured molasses...
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  6. bro when i fllush for two weeks and dry for seven my herbs are alwasy stinky before going in the jar i thinks jars just boost the smell if u had know smell then it will probably not have a strong smell

  7. There are pros and cons to using un-sulphured molasses, and the war rages on. :) Most true gardeners recommend black-strap molasses. I've talked with several old school growers who used sulfured molasses with little difference compared to unsulphured. The key is HOW MUCH you use.

    Un-sulphured molasses smells better and tastes better in food. I has a much lower content of sulfur than blackstrap or sulfured which is good if you're using it in high amounts. Bugs and fungus also looove it.

    Sulfured molasses is antifungal and antibiotic, and bugs are not fond of it. Due to the higher sulfur content, it does raise ph more than unsulphured.

    The way I see it, molasses should only be used the last week or two. pH is not too critical unless you plan to regen the plants. The sugar in the molasses feeds the microbes in the soil. The sulfur is used by the plant to build the skunky smelling thiols, and to keep the bugs and fungus away. But if used throughout a grow, molasses of any type can cause pH problems. It really doesn't matter which type you use, but if you look at "Sweet" or "Bud Candy", you will see that they have high levels of sulfur. And I can tell you from first-hand experience, sulfur greatly improves the smell and flavor.

    I can't find any experiments where people tried all three side by side. I did find grow journals where each type was used successfully during the last weeks.

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