Curaleaf's "Select" Carts for 510 Vapes

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PAS550, Mar 7, 2023.

  1. Was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences with them? Most of the reviews I've found on YT are nearly a year old and they don't talk effects, mainly the taste lol. I care about the damn effects!
  2. Fuck curaleaf, trulieve, and every other corporate cannabis company out there. They are no good for any of us. Try to find some small local growers and support them if you can.....better weed anyways.
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  3. yeah I def want to but there's not too many options right now in NJ. my state is both Medical & Rec but most are Med-only near me. Can't wait for more to open up shop...Have you tried Curaleaf and Trulieve?
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  4. Beautiful :)
    1 day I will give the growing a shot. What strain you have there?
  5. That was gelato cream pie.
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  6. Nice. How much did that yield for ya?
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  7. the cream pies were 10.4 oz. The kush's were 9.2 oz.
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  8. Nice work. That would last me at least 3 years probably
  9. lol, you tend to use more when you have more.
  10. Shit you're probably right lol. Don't want it turning brown or losing potency

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