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  1. My leaves went from being healthy to this overnight. Is this heat stress or can over watering do this?

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  2. Tacoing leaves is usually heat stress but a natrual light pic makes easier to determine
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  4. Please provide us details like temps, humidity, etc. It'll help us come to a conclusion for you.
  5. My temps are 75-80 my humidity is 55-60
    Day 14 of flower . I fed her yesterday nectar for the gods full strength
  6. What kind of light and height from canopy?
  7. That temp and humidity i would say is ok but your actual surface temps of leaves can be higher than room temp if light is too close
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  8. Im using a mars hydro 300 watt and she was actuallly close . Idk if in this picture you can see. Since then ive raised the light higher. Will it help?

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  9. Most likely yes, just monitor things for getting any worse.
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