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cupping hands around lighted end to increase burning?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woke 'n toke, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. So I was wondering if I was really high one day or if this is actually a technique that does something. Well, i've been doing this for awhile now, and I think it works, but you never know.

    Basically, if i'm smoking a bowl, or most predominately used for slow burning blunts/ J's, I will keep the bleezy in my mouth and cup both hands around the burning end to create what I call a suction. I think it makes it burn faster and useful to get more smoke if it's burning so slow. I don't suffacate the flame- my hands are like 3 inches away from the burning part, and I don't completely surround it. I play around with distances though and how much I engulf the flame by watching to see if it burns faster or not.

    Let me know if this is common or if I am smoking some dank and making shit up lol.
  2. i guess it makes sense...kinda like a shotty

    try slowly closing your hands as you inhale mabe itl be like a shotgun
  3. i do that too especially if its the beginning of a fat L and it helps it burn better cus you keep more heat in.
  4. hellz yah, i'm happy this is legit haha. Cuz when i'm :smoke: I swear it gives me much bigger hits than just inhaling regularly!
  5. I would think less Oxygen, less burning; Less burning, smaller hits. It would probably just make your hands smell like blunt.
  6. Both sound like valid points. now im confused.
  7. I seriously doubt cupping your hands over the hot has any significant effect on anything. Go ahead and do it if you want though, if you think its getting you higher than why stop? I only cup when I'm smoking a J out in the rain.
  8. damn, now we got controversy haha, someone go try it and lemme know what you think! It's not really less oxygen, cuz you don't suffocate it, you leave space between your hands and the hot end (like 3 inches). You also dont completely surround it. So when you inhale you're essentially just inhaling from a smaller area.. which creates what I called a suction.
  9. yep, i know exactly what you mean. i do this when a bowl becomes hard to light, towards the middle of a session usually. but it's bascially a sure-fire way to make sure you've got fiyah on the bud :)

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