Cup Of Tea Anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by spillee86, May 21, 2013.

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    Looks like I'm on tea duty for the City then...

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  2. I wish my photos weren't so fucking big these days...
  3. Spillee, send me that photo I want it as my desktop. 
  4. Where's my tea, wanker?
  5. OMG!!! I love it :)))) **feels special**
  6. So you drinking tea with these blades or...Is this a "fan sign" :confused_2:
  7. @[member="SassyMelassy"] I make a beautiful pot of tea, it's in my blood. I'll make you some :D
    I would of be exiled from this country a long, long time ago if I couldn't make a decent pot of tea :laughing:
  8. I don't know if I can say that I've had a particularly great cup of tea, but I'd love one from you, my dear.
  9. @[member="SassyMelassy"] god help anyone who'd come to my place and refuses a cup of tea from my mam, she'd have a freaker.

    ^ basically what would happen
    the tea ritual is very important hahaha
  11. omg the one on the left I have that exact mug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm rocking coffee right meow. :cool:
  13. im currently drinking rooibos
    Haha. You weren't here. Dickhead! ;)
    No. Just me wasting teabags and milk for a not-really-that-funny thread.
     Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go on. Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on.

    P.S Earl Grey is my shatizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle.
  15. How cliche of you to drink Earl Grey. :rolleyes:

    And you better make me tea whether I'm there or not, goddammit.
    :D :wub:
    @[member="Twee"], remind me never to turn down your mother... for anything! :eek:

  16. Ill take a green tea if you have extra
  17. lemme get some of that deeelish Hibiscus tea. The flowers make it nice and red, dunno if it has anything to do with the taste though ??
  18. Ohh yes! Absolutely nothing better than a cuppa, few biccies and a big spliff :D

    Living off Twinings Earl Grey currently.

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