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Cup Hits.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Marklar3012, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Am I doin' it right?


  2. I need to search for this. What is the heating element?
  3. yea you are, great for hash/resin
  4. No heating element, place coin on table, place hash chunk on said coin.

    Then find a glass. Light hash chunk, blow out, place glass over, catching smoke.

    I've usually heard this called "Pheasant under glass", don't know who thought of That shit, but it works for me...
  5. When I used to go pickup from my old dealer he'd always be tokin hash like this and had me try it, it's pretty sweet indeed.
  6. Yeah, I used to smoke opium like this.
  7. Then what? Suck thru a straw by lifting the cup a bit?
  8. No, I put it on a piece of paper or on the table and just slide it to where a piece is hanging over the edge and cover it with your mouth and inhale...that way no smoke is wasted.
  9. Hah... the cup reflection had me buggin out.. Couldn't tell wtf was going on.

    Never done it, but looks right to me.
  10. I love useing a straw when i do this, i think its so entertaining

  11. Like this?

  12. Ive never done that, ill have to try it.
    The reflection had me confused for a minute though lol

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