cummin in a girl on birth control

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    Never. I don't want kids at the moment and I have had crazy women who wanted me to cum in them but we'd hooked up and I did not do that. Friends of mine have done this and they've either had to pay for abortions even multiple abortions from the same woman who claimed she was on BC when she wasn't or she didn't take it right, or they now have kids. The only person I would do this with would be a woman who I'm monogamous with after we've been tested a few times, I know she's on BC that's reliable, and that if by chance the BC did not work it would be OK and we'd just have a kid or two.
  3. Well with my girl, she's been on it for a year, I've cam in her a good 30 times, and she hasn't gotten prego yet.
  4. I have before, but id avoid it.

    Its just unnecessary risk.
  5. when in doubt pull out.
  6. Unless your sure she's on birth control.
  7. Yeah ^ I watch her take it every night
  8. actually yea i always wondered how reliable birth control is...cuz i wouldn't cum in a girl even she told me she was on bc
  9. Dated 2 girls for over 3 years each time. Both were on bc pills.... wore condoms until I trusted them enough to know they didn't have std's n shit then stopped....

    Neither got preggo after hundred of unprotected fuck downs so......

  10. for how long would you say?

    and they were cool with that?
  11. I get not trusting every girl actually being on BC, but still.. you guys seem a lil paranoid. The whole point of BC is not to worry about it so I don't see the big deal with your gf or whatever..
  12. This. BC hasn't failed me yet, but if you're still paranoid you can always hit the eject button.
  13. its 99% realiable, ur right not to cum in them that 1% catches alot of people out
  14. gotta know their cycle, cum inside when its a safe day and when it aint pull out. but yeah it still is risky.... damn does it feel amazing though :D
  15. Lost my virginity to a girl with an IUD, who had medical reasons not to conceive. I was so pissed that I never got to finish in her. She was begging for it too. Pretty much took it as a personal insult when I couldn't.
  16. You need to have a back up plan if you are going to rely on birth control. There's always a chance that it could happen if you are not using any other protection.

    Not saying it happens to everyone but I have known a handful of girls that did get pregnant and they took their birth control ritually without being on any other medications that could possibly interfere with it.

    I have been on the same birth control for 3 years rarely use condoms BUT the man and I have already discussed what would happen if it ever did fail.

  17. I dunno how long man hahaha, trust forming isnt just a set time...

    and yea they were cool with it... or it wouldnt have happened... obviously hahahahahahhahahah
  18. Birth control was made so you dont have to pull out, or wear a condom :/
  19. I've had several gf's be on birth control and I busted in them 98 percent of the time.

    No babies. :confused_2:
  20. I agree with the guy above. Creampie's are addicting :D

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