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  1. why the hell do some people try so hard not to belong? dont they see that by trying so hard not to fit in that they are part of the crowd that tries not to fit in? counter culture is a culture just the same. I have a friend and everytime i start talking about how much i love my little family of stoners he start going on and on about how i\'m not a stoner because thats a lable or something..but if by following my own path and way of life the end result is me being a stoner why would i give a fuck? its who i am..its what i turned out to be following my own dreams..if you find perfection why be determind not to be a part of it?

    So many people go on and on about being your self(even mcdonalds does this now for gods sake). yes being who you are and not a product of the drone factories is all fine and good..but if say you are obsessed with wearing popular cloths because thats who you(following your own indvidual goals thoughts and dreams) ended up being than WHO CARES?!

    be who the hell you are weather that happens to be part of the drug culture or some anti drug straight edge polo wearing sissy boy..just dont bother other people..let them be who/what they want..

  2. when you are who you are ....who can tell you otherwise?

    i think you are fake when you try and build a persona on someone eltses expeeriances...insted of your own....

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