Culture is NOT your friend

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  1. Nothing is your friend. Try living in nature with actual predators.
  2. You will never get rid of culture
  3. Ummm, America with you animals...
  5. America is filled with predators. Nature is safe... Wide open spaces... Few places for dangers to hide... If you are aware that there is danger.
    But America... An urban sprawl with plenty of corners and levels for dangers to lurk in. Man is the most vile predator there is, because our motivation to commit harm extends to more than food, territory, or mating. Sad init.
  6. Dolphins
  7. I thought Roetlisberger was on the Steelers?
  8. I do not understand your reference. Best I can conclude is that we re talking abut Football but what that guy has to do with anything  :confused_2:
  9. A predator. Dude is a Football player for the Steelers. And has been accused of rape too many times to call it just arbitrary or blame a girl for "buyers remorse".
    You said Dolphins... I said....... Steelers. Dolphins are a football team too.
    Dolphins have sex for fun, but they don't kill for sport. Humans do.
    Read down the thread again. I was referring to dudes post about nature and predators. He asked me to elaborate... You replied dolphins.
  10. Bottlenose dolphins kill for sport
  11. culture can be your friend if you live in Copenhagen or in a nice traditional society. I think Terence Mckenna was referring to how science has invaded culture to create an agenda other than your own happiness. 
  12. [SUB]All kinds of animals kill for fun all the time. Do some research: cats, wolves, dogs, all kinds of animals do it....dolphins as the man mentioned before. Gorrillas, chimps, all kinds[/SUB]
    Do they? I live on the ocean and see the pretty much everyday during the summer. I have even been swimming when the pod sounds, been within ten feet of them...Kinda scary when they have pups with them, but have never seen them be too aggressive towards a human. I have seen four of them kill a 5 foot bull shark (talk about a killing machine)...but figure that is territorial. I've seen them kill fish and play with them for a bit, and watched one harass a flock of seagulls..
      But yeah, I'll look into that. Maybe the more intelligent a species is the more prone it is to kill for something other than necessity. But I'd still say that man's capacity to kill far outweighs anything else in the animal kingdom.
  14. And humans don't?
    Oh, how we love to deny our animalistic nature :D
  15. I didnt deny anything I was just saying that animals are fucked up too. They just dont have the weaponry,
  16. Worded that poorly, my bad. I meant it more directed at society in general.
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    Meh nvm.
  18. Fucking science.

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