cultivation in my state defined as 5 plants or more...

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  1. ...and there is NOTHING else under the cultivation section. It is simply "5 plants or more", then there is distribution and sale and all that. Nothing else under "5 plants or more" ... so what happens if you grow 4 or under? Anyone know?
  2. you prob get a mistermeaner or however you spell it haha.. 5 plants or more would be a felony. I also think it would probally depend on the maturity that there in? i could picture them giving you a felony for growing 7 seedlings that all look like there dying but then again it is the goverment/lawenforcements.
  3. not to be a grammar nazi, but he meant misdemeanor. lol, sorry
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    grammar nazi alert!

    It could happen two ways.. 1) The cops bust in, take everything, and charge you with growing.. Stage of the plants not important. 2) The cops bust in, take everything, charge you with growing as well as possession of the marijuana.. and I've heard they have been known to weigh the entire container (soil, roots, and all). And you don't have your tax stamps? Well there's some more time for tax evasion.

    Under three plants or two ounces is a misdemeanor in VT..
  5. mister meaner! thats kind of like a nickname for a cop i guess.

    anyway, in my state you seemingly automatically get onto the state's top 10 most wanted list for cultivation... so i don't know. that'd be great but it's far from relaxed. just want to be sure while i weigh the risks. i could deal with a misdemeanor. :)
  6. Just do it smart and you'll be fine. The golden rule.....TELL NOBODY!! Make sure your odor is managed, and there are no light leaks (if applicable). Don't leave any indicators of growing, (soil bags, fertilizer bags, etc.) around for others to see. Keep it stealth and you will be good. Then you won't have to wonder what could happen.
  7. Another option is to legitimately grow something! Then if something is left out, its obviously just for the tomato / pepper garden in the living room :)
  8. thats a hell of an idea sir. :)
  9. Are you in KY ? LOL
  10. KS.

    Not like it was living in California and Oregon, thats for sure. :)
  11. well thats what i mean, i checked that, and there is NO info for growing under 5 plants. i couldnt imagine in kansas that would qualify as a misdemeanor.

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