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  1. Okay so this is my first attempt at growing, I have 4 marijuana plants(all about 6 weeks old) that I grew outdoors in texas. I moved to Arizona on a whim and in a hurry I put all four in a water bottle with dirt in it. They were in complete darkness for about 32 hours. I just bought a grow light as I'm staying at a hotel for a few weeks. A few of the leaves are wilting at the ends but otherwise everything looks okay. My question is, what can I do to make sure I can save these plants so they continue to grow, and will the way I've grown them (super humid Texas to super dry arizona and outdoor to indoor) have any repercussions on the quality of the bud? Thanks for reading.
  2. You just bought a grow light because ur staying at a hotel for a couple weeks? What are you gonna do with the plants when room service comes to clean the room and replace the towels?

    Did you think this out at all? Lol
  3. They come at 10 am and I have the light cycle to where I can hide it when it's not needing light. So yes I did :)
  4. Also it's a extended stay hotel - much bigger than you're probably thinking.
  5. what about the smell eventually they will start to smell

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  6. this seems like needless security risks
    yes they are probably shocked and a little fucked up but will likely be OK
  7. Arizona is not Mary Jane friendly, and neither was Texas right? Seems like a bad plan to me man, if they are small enough for water bottles they are small enough to restart when you have a stable life. This is a craZy plan the hotel is not going to like the amount of power your chewing up. They a 're not going to like the smell, I would just use a cfl and keep them hidden if it was and I had to keep them going. Low light slow growth and keep them small til I got a real place to live.
  8. Haha. You drove from Texas, all the way through new mexico, into Arizona with some tiny weed plants.

    That's dedication man. Good for you

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