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  1. What is the best way to cultivate your soil out side. I never grew out side because i always had neighbors, but now that i moved to a farm house i can do what ever i want. so if it would be posible for someone to give me a few tips it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Start now with soil prep for the spring planting season.first and formost is how does your soil hold water, you want your soil to drain but not go dry,but then again you don't want it to hold water to long, so dig a hole about 18 in down,then fill with should hold water for about two hours and be dry by morning if so then go ahead and plant,if not then you need to mix your own soil for planting add sand if it holds water to long ,clay or something similar if it drains to fast, since you live out in the country then you probly know about composting this should be done now in the places that you want to plant next spring.prep now and then again in the spring, and watch the fun begin.
  3. thanks man
  4. if u have rototilled ur site now...put on a layer of mulch/compost.

    then in the spring rototill it in a day before u plant and u will be in heaven.

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