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Cultivating mycorrhizal fungi from Great White, or other premium inoculants.

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by trikfinite, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hello Grass City,

    I am curious about the possibility of cultivating mycorrhizal fungi and most of the other microorganisms found in a culture such as Great White--which is what 'Mycorrhizal Applications' page seems to lead to.

    What methods, if any, are available to exploit this facet of organics to create more from the base?

    Being a for-personal-use enthusiast, I try to do everything on the cheap. I don't mind dropping $30 on 4oz. to get things started, but it would be great to keep it rolling from there on out.

    Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

    Thank you,

  2. Very well recommended thread, haggard. Below are some links from that page for those who have a ballpark understanding of Mycorrhizae and want to get down to the nitty-gritty.

    Cultivating Arbuscular (Endomycorrhizal fungi - what your girls crave) with Bahia Grass Method @ - explains how to set up a preliminary inoculant production system for less than $50.

    Suggested Compost to Vermiculite medium rations for on-farm production of AM (Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) inoculant @ - working in correspondence with Rodale Institute.


  3. Thought I'd share this product.

    "Gnarly Roots" - a sensational name, for a sensational product.

    E-mailed the Amazon company last night concerning species, density, and manufacturer, who promptly replied.

    "It is produced for us by MycoApply
    It contains the following:
    ENDOMYCORRHIZAL: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum,
    G. etunicatum: 10,000 prop./lb. each
    ECTOMYCORRHIZAL fungi: Rhizopogon villosullus, R. luteolus, R. amylopogon,
    R. fulvigleba (2.5 million prop./lb. each),
    Pisolithus tinctorius (200 million prop./lb.)
    OTHER: High Quality Slow Release Organic Fertilizer 4-0-6 and Kelp

    For more information you can go to


    The Dirty Gardener"

    In other words, it's this:
    MycoApply® All Purpose Soluble Mychorizal Fungi #1
    MycoApply® Website + Product Description

    (yes yes yes i know we want Endo for Cannabis, but it contains 0 trichoderma, and not all of us are exclusively hemp farmers.)
    For all you 'purists' - Different MycoApply distributor

    Any word on a shelf life?

  4. This is from Rodale also:

    Get you some 'premium' mycos. *I* use either Fungi Perfecti or BioAg stuff, but whatever ad copy floats yer boat. There is only a very few producers of myco's and the main difference is the packaging/labeling/price.

    Get some Alliums (Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Shallots). Rodale uses Leeks, I use garlic, whatever.

    Inoculate the alliums, grow the alliums. Supposedly it takes 4 months for the myco's to become established. IDK It takes 8 months for the garlic to ripen, so it's a moot point for me.

    I harvest the garlic and cut the roots into small sections and add to mix. Rodale did the same thing with leeks, but re planted to grow more roots.

    Once a mix is inoculated, that's it, for the life of the mix, for me.

    I mean, the spores float around in the air anyway. Once they're introduced into the soil/mix or to roots, it's like being a little bit pregnant. The job is pretty much done and more is just for fun.


  5. Dammit... didn't even think to look at fungi perfecti ::facepalm::

    Just ordered a hardwood spawn plug kit around the 5th. Reishi, Pearl Oyster, and Shiitake.

    Guess i'll check it out for good measure, but I feel pretty safe with MycoApply products (Mycorrhizal Applications from Grants Pass, OR).
  6. trikfinite consider this, mycorrhizae form symbiotic relationships with a variety of plant species and predominately so in the brassica class of plants. Whereas cultivating ones own mycorrhizae might be fun why not just collect a fresh batch every time you mix up your soil? They are free and exist under your feet along the roots of the grass found in most wooded areas and turf grasses not treated with synthetic chemicals know to harm them.

    Simply cut a piece of sod from a patch of grass known to be free from being treated with chemical salts. Cut your desired size and shape in the sod and then lift this sod piece up taking the top two inches of soil with it. Use this directly in your base soil mix and you will in all likelihood have alive and thriving mycorrhizae. What happens next is anyones guess unless they have a laboratory and an electron microscope to analyse the roots. This is true whether it be "dig up your own" or Great White ad nauseum "manufacturers" of mycorrhizal products.

    Or, do as wetdog suggested.
  7. Try mycoapply all-purpose granular... Not soluble...
  8. Try mycoapply all-purpose granular... Not soluble... It's far chea
    per than great white..
  9. Look into mycoapply all-purpose granular... Not soluble.... It's far less than great white... Thats if you're not having success producing your own...
  10. I love it when people think tht they can add the spores to a tea and expect them to grow.. They need roots to live people! unless you wan't ecto strains but their no good for cannabis!
  11. I picked up the product i mentioned in post #4 from amazon. It is MycoApply® repackaged by the amazon company. Its more of a powder than a granular texture. 8oz for $25 shipped, no trichoderma. Definitely beats driving across town to the h-store and blowing $30 on 4oz of greatwhite with trichoderma.

    I am going to start some garlic from clove then transplant and dust with the inoculant. Might try some grasses/leeks as well. With 8oz i feel i have enough concentrate for at least a couple years.
  12. Question: Can Endo-mycorrhizal fungi grow on dead root balls?
  13. No mycorrhizal fungi is symbiotic with the roots of living plants and cannot grow except with the roots of living host plants. That's why you can't brew them in an AACT or compost.
  14. ^^^^True dat
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    [quote name='trikfinite']I picked up the product i mentioned in post #4 from amazon. It is MycoApply® repackaged by the amazon company. Its more of a powder than a granular texture. 8oz for $25 shipped, no trichoderma. Definitely beats driving across town to the h-store and blowing $30 on 4oz of greatwhite with trichoderma.

    thats the wrong one... That's the soluble one.... You want the granular mycoapply endo/ecto plus's what you're looking for if you cannot produce them yourself... I'm not sure how to post a link soon as I figure out I'll definitely post...

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