Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century (Book)

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  1. Has anyone read "Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century" by C. K. Watson? Any thoughts? Would you recommend it? If so to who? What are its strengths, shortcommings? I have most of the other cannonical grow books (IE: Cervantes, Green, Soma, Rosenthal, a few others, etc...) How does it stack up compared with them?
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    I read this book in attention to the latest publications of Cervantes, Frank, Green, etc.

    Hand's down no contest. In fact, I just stumbled upon this on google and felt so compelled to register just to respond to this question because I saw no one had. If you're contemplating buying it, it's the best money you can spend on a grow book. Like he says he wants to combine all the different types of canna books into one and I think he did a pretty damn good two cents...

    Also, there are a few reviews online Nug Magazine, Cannabis Culture, etc.

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