Cubensis in a flower pot *Pics*

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    Anyone else picking outdoor cubensis pre-hunting-season? - and no I'm not from a state where cubensis grow in the wild. Heheh :smoke:
  2. thats pretty sweet man..did you engineer that yourself? or was this a fluke
  3. Let's just say the original mycelium didn't naturally occur in the flower pot. No fluke, people do this all the time, it's rather easy. Can show anyone how to do it who wants to know, just send me a PM.
  4. Cake transplants! Nice work BO!!
  5. I've seen people grow them with there basil and other herbs.
  6. My friend and I are about to start our own grow op (actually 3, shrooms are just one part:))
  7. They seem to love growing in a pot with a plant. If I had an outdoor bud plant, I would most definitely do this, so I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  8. thats friggin awesome dude.:cool:
  9. Heres some pics from the following summer of another flower pot experiment I had with the Golden Teacher strain, I had extremely good results





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  10. woooooooooot. how can you do that?
  11. I'm actually currently in the process of growing Golden Teacher as well, but using the PF Tek method. Hope they turn out as good as yours. Good job :)
  12. i was going to say those dont look like the cubes i grow; but then i saw that you actually put a cake there so it pretty much has to be cubes.

    pretty neat idea! does it work just as well (if not, better?) than if you just had the cakes in a normal fruiting chamber? do you still get multiple flushes?

    this is very interesting. give more details please :)
  13. I've been looking into growing some shrooms of my own. Being a first-timer, would this be a good method?
  14. First you need to learn to successfully learn how to cultivate mushrooms indoors. Once you've done this, you basically take your mycelium cake and plant it in some rich soil such as potting soil. For a guide on how to grow brown rice flour cakes indoors (a necessary step in achieving outdoor mushroom flushes) go to this link:

    Shroomery - PF Tek v2

    Once you have a fully colonized rice cake, you basically just bury it where you want it and when the right temperatures and humidity happen, they will pop out. If it happens not to rain, then you can water the patch, but don't drench the patch you can drown it. It is necessary to do this in summer where temperatures reach 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

    Good luck man, this is a really awesome hobby, and it's one of my favorite things to do while just kind of chilling out smokin bud because it's low maintenance and you just get to watch it basically after you do all the hard work of inoculating and all that business. Golden Teacher is a really rewarding strain from my experience. Also try Treasure Coast, I've had good results with those as well.

    Actually I have had much much better results as far as fruiting goes by transferring the cakes outside during the summer in to very rich soil such as that found in healthy growing plants flower pots, then when the right conditions happen you have youself a nice flush... Not to mention in the weeks after you'll get several more decent flushes, it's really impressive compared to my indoor results.. Almost all pins fully mature and a small chunk of a brown rice flour cake can produce 5 or six grams from just one little chuck the size of maybe a quarter or a half-dollar.. So yield is very high with this method... It helps to put it in a flower pot with a healthy pant growing that isn't root-bound, in very rich soil, as the plant helps retain humidity around the area of the patch.

    Since most of the steps to do this are the same as indoor aside from the fruiting, which rather than being done in a chamber where the humidity is kept maintained, you do it outside in a warm temperature and either wait for the rain or water is without drowning the patch during very hot droughts and such.. So I recommend learning to grow them indoor first before experimenting like I have here.
  15. Pretty cool grow op. If I had some plants I could put them in I'd try that out.

    Also, mushroom hunting is something I want to go do. 2 years ago I found a ton of A.Muscaria but was too scared to eat them, not knowing if they were or not, even though I'm 99% positive they were
  16. Amanita muscaria are one of the easiest mushrooms to identify due to their distinct appearance... They are the mushrooms with a red cap with white spots, and a white thick stem.. You could still try this out without plants, but the plant helps retain humidity and also shades the patch so it's not hit by direct sunlight and rain.
  17. i guess i know what to do with my spent cakes:p
  18. Thats what I had, but i was too scared to eat them, foolish me.
  19. I've never personally tripped on amanitas, but I've heard it causes a dissociative-like state similar to DXM or ketamine, but with much less euphoria and your feel poisoned throughout the trip... You're better of getting some ketamine if you want to see how it feels, or better yet some DXM as you can buy Delsym and do an extraction and dose the DXM that way to feel the effects of a dissociative.
  20. Done DXM plenty of times, last night in fact. I know where I found the mushrooms, maybe I'll go and search for them a day, except it's kind of far away, and it was like 2 years ago.

    When is the best time to go looking for mushrooms? Because we've been having weird weather around here, alot of rain, and some really hot days, but now the temp is dropping, and might get frost soon?

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