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Discussion in 'General' started by bhoward3, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I pay 15$ for a Romeo y Julieta Churchill, 15$ for a Cohiba and 10$ for a MonteCristo. How much do you guys pay for cubans? Demand is high over here in CT so the prices can get a little out of hand sometimes.
  2. The only cigars I deal with are Garcia Vegas, White Owls or Dutches :smoking:
  3. i dont know much about cigars, but are these even REAL cubans?
  4. None of those are authentic cubans. They are all companies that used to be in cuba but are now produced elsewhere to get around the embargo. TO be honest cuban cigars are overrated. You can get fine cigars from plenty of other countries.
  5. i get cigars for free from my moms friend. i never use em to make blunts tho, because i dont want to waste that much weed when like 2 joints get me pretty blazed.
  6. mine are pre embargo cubans, certified
  7. How long to cigars last? I have a couple of cubans (probably fake) that I have had in my closet for a couple months.
  8. 5-10 bucks a piece

    I buy them outta the country and bring them back

    ADD: for real cubans, the prices you quoted are can sell cubans for upwards of 30-50 range bro
  9. that smoke is gonna be staaaaaale.
  10. for real, cigars need to be kept in a humidor man, or smoked shortly after you buy them

    or kept in the freezer
  11. Please, not in the freezer unless you absolutely have to to prevent a beetle outbreak. Freezers/refridgerators can dry the smoke out, and they need to be brought back up to room temp carefully. Simply doulbe freezer baggie them with a little bit of cotton with distilled water on it, not touching the cigars. A humidor is a good idea if you plan to buy often/alot.
  12. hell of a lot better than sitting in his closet with NOTHING done to them :)
  13. I have 3 humidors full of cigars. I've had all those, and i'll bet you any money they are DR.

    You can find quality cigars at cheap money outta Florida as well. My favs tho are Padron, and Fuente.

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