Ct Passes Gmo Labeling... Your Thoughts, Good Or Bad?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, May 22, 2013.

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    Okay, okay, I know how bad "mandatory" anything is, it's totally the anti- free market solution to any problem. But, if you take into consideration that Monsanto would not be who they are if we were in a free market to begin with, I just don't see that as being a valid argument in this case. In cases where the company is actually doing well because people like their product better than the competitors, so they're getting more business, of course the government has no right to mandate anything, let the market decide, but in the case of Monsanto, they're actually abusing their government ties to eliminate the free market, quite literally, by doing things like "suing farmers because some pollen from a Monsanto corn field blew into the farmer's non-Monsanto corn field and pollinated it." This is NOT playing by the standard rules, this is cheating at it's worst, and I just can't agree with those who say we need to apply the free market rules to a company that clearly doesn't follow the rules themselves.

  2. That's great! Funny that Californians voted this option down but now CT passed it. I didn't even know CT was doing this.
    Who doesn't love having more options? Why wouldn't people want to know that the tomato they're eating contains fish DNA along with other wacky shit?
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    Meh. statist gonna state

    I think I'm doing a pretty decent job of avoiding gmo's on my own. I don't need more government to do it for me.
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    Connecticut is just as liberal blue as California. Only difference is Connecticut is not trashy. We are like that sophisticated Yale alumnus liberal whereas California is the high school drop out part time working liberal. Know what I mean.
  5. Which is why I find it funny Californians voted this down. When that happen my mind was blown. I was like, really California? Really?
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    I get what you mean now.
    California is retarded pretty much.
  7. Good, so i can see how it turns out.
  8. The same way I felt when prop 19 was voted down. And I lived in Philly then, :laughing:
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    Moar regulations!!11!!1!
    There are plenty of food companies that go throught the process of getting a GMO Free label on their packaging, why do we need to implement more bureaucratic horseshit to get the same effect?
  10. I think it's about as useful as labeling products "all-natural".
  11. I've recently started using the Buycott app. It does a good job of telling me if a product I'm about to buy will support Monsanto in any way.
  12. Tea anything that fucks over monsanto is fine with me
  13. Yes, you can do the research to find out which foods have GMO's and which don't, but not everyone has access and/or time to do this.  Everyone deserves to see and understand what they are eating.   This bill should be passed at the federal level.
  14. Not that I am in any way a fan of moar regulations but Monsanto uses the govenment to fuck the people so as long as we have to tollerate having a govenment, why not use it to fuck them back? I'm down with anything that pisses in Monsanto's Cheerios.
  15. That does sound cool, might have to look into that.
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    I've been a member of NOFA for 10+ years. Does that count? I'm generally a fan of what they do, but still think that GMO labels are pretty useless. As your link points out:
    How is it useful to the consumer if there is no way of verifying if the claim is even true?
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    I'm not aware of NOFA, did they sign the Safe Seed Pledge? You can find out a lot at the Council for Responsible Genetics, for example;

    How Monsanto felt the need to urgently <del>buyout</del>, donate campaign funds to put a stop to a similar bill:
  19. From the link you provided;

    Oh the irony. :bongin:

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