CT Medicinal Marijuana Bill Passes Health Committee, On To Senate

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  1. Not much, but it's a start here in CT. Restrictions on the conditions for getting it are strict, but again, it'll be better than nothing if it passes. The opening of the floodgates has to start somewhere.

    Here's the actual bill for those interested: AN ACT CONCERNING THE PALLIATIVE USE OF MARIJUANA.
  2. if only every governors son would get arrested for MJ possession and they'd have a change of heart

    sad thats what it took, but hey man +1 to the mj states anyway we can
  3. Old news =) It actually passed a few weeks ago ... I know i posted it back when it did.

    Now if they would just hurry the fuck up with it.

    Hopefully the first definition will help keep the bogus MMJ users from getting cards and screwing it up for those of us who actually qualify ...


  4. Uh not according to the voting sheet: Public Health Committee - Vote Tally Sheet

    Says the vote just took place today, and all the news sites have picked it up today, so who knows. Maybe it's just another step further *shrug*
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    Timeline available at the CT legislature website:
    Bill Status 
    So yes, the bill just came out of (Senate Public Health) committee as of May 3rd, 2011

    It has previously come out of the Judiciary committee.
  6. With a list like that it sounds like its designed to pass.
  7. unfortunately the list of qualifing conditions is very very tight. cancer,ect... :(

    I was hoping for chronic pain cause that could be alot of peoples way into the program.
  8. Now with Jodi Rell out of office we can finally get something done.
  9. Is it possible in the future that this law will be ammended? Maybe making the qualifications for medicinal marijuana less tight? Any input appreciated. Also is there any chance of decriminalisation in the future for CT?
  10. That does suck. Also any gastro-intestinal, or digestive disorder should be on the list for fucking sure.
  11. They have a decrim of less than a 1/2 ounce going to be put into law too.:hello:
    They def will amend like most states do. Your right new gastro stuff.

    I called my eye doctor and asked if I techniclly have glaucoma. lol she said no.:(
  12. Anyone local to CT hearing any updates about the bill?

    Bill Status 

    Seems Senator Boucher, 26th Dist. is going wild trying to add amendments.

    here's the latest timeline:
  13. No idea was hoping for a grasscity update! Lol

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