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  1. Im from ct have a history or chronic nausea and need a medical recommendation my Dr isn't pro medical marijuana. Have hospitalization records and 6 years of medical records with it. Can someone help me?
  2. as long as your state has vote to make medical marijuana legal you should be able to find a doctor to give you a reccomend. just type in medical marijuana doctors in connecticut in your search window on your computer. any medical marijuana doc can issue you a rec. especially if you have paperwork. if your doc. isn't supportive of medical mj find one that is and spend your money with him. some of the reefer docs seem a bit shady,but they are legal doctors. take your paperwork with you,get a reccomend and let your regular doc be a hater. just remember they will ask why you prefer medical mj over narcotics. my answer was i don't like the side effects of the narcs. and there has never been a documented case of death from o.d. with mj. which you cannot say about any,any narcotic. ask your doc how many people have died from overdose of narcotics.  i am sure you can qualify for a rec if your state is compliant with the reefer as meds. like i said take your paperwork and go see a doctor that has some compassion and get your card. i wish you well on your quest. good luck.

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