CSNY: anyone gone yet??

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  1. Next week we're hitting up the CSNY concert here in the bay area and I personally can't wait anymore. I am so excited I am bouncing in my chair at work all day.
    I am hearing that the shows are good, but want to hear if any of you have seen CSNY yet this go-'round?
    highawatha, I think you were going to go, or am I having STML again??
    *bounce bounce bounce*
  2. OK OK OK...
    I will answer myself then! :) Yes I did go, last night, finally! It was INCREDIBLE. Talk about definitely worth the $. CSNY went for 3-1/2 hours, and every bit of it was magical.

    They opened right up with an incredible "Carry On," an all-time favorite for the crowd, everyone was on their feet! It was amazing. They rocked like they were in their 20's, not their 50/60's. This is living proof that age is just a concept, and you are as old as you wanna be! Neil Young bounced around that stage like crazy.

    I couldn't believe my ears. They sound so good, their voices are SO STRONG. They play the guitar better than most of these fluffy wannabe metal bands that are out right now - and displayed pure control of their instruments. Neil's solos were... astounding. Jaws dropped all around the stadium each time he went on a "rant" with his guitar. All of them! Were awesome.

    Even their slow songs, wow. Helplessly Hoping and Half my Angels were both very spiritual experiences for me. I couldn't believe their ability to hit some of those high notes, and the fact their voices are all so clear, no wavering, no faltering. Talk about perfection!!
    I could go on forever but I'm really tired/stoned, so I will say if any of you get the chance to see these guy - do it. It's definitely worth it, and they played an incredible performance! I wish we had gotten tix for both nites.

  3. Lucky girl, god i wished i had gone. =)


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