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  1. I've been playing it occasionally for the past few months, only have about 100 hrs logged so far, I don't really feel confident enough to play competitive but I do alright in casual matches most of the time.

    I'm still unfamiliar with a lot of the maps and that puts me at a pretty big disadvantage because I don't know the angles and whatnot. Still, real fun game, forces you to think about what your doing instead of just relying on twitch reflexes(although there is a lot of that as well)
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  2. I fucks with it occasionally on XB1
  3. 600+ Hours here. "Practicing" in casual is what I've done for 400 hours before I started playing competitive... Turns out in competitive, the only things that these 400 hours practice bought me were map knowledge and aim. What casual doesn't teach you is economy, tactics and team play. Trust me, your aim & map knowledge isn't worth anything if you + your team aren't buying properly and not playing together. Just start to play competitive and don't worry about your rank. It's only there to ensure you have fun while playing the game.

    When you want to play a map you don't know yet in comp, just start a game with bots on that map, go out and explore. imho, the only thing you need to know is how to get to the bombsites.
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    Ehh. Casual is OK for a first timer to play for a minute. But if you wanna work on your sprays and aim, do death matches. I've probably put over a 100 hours in dm, and it helped a lot. But as no mad said, you also have to learn tactics economy etc. So you would combine both practices together. Need to work on your aim for a specific gun? Hop into DM and just run that gun for 4 or 5 rounds. Questions about what to do when something specific happens? Look up warowls training academy on YouTube. But one thing, don't ever stop. If you lose in a row, pick yourself up an keep going. Only way to get better is try, try and try again till either you get or you dont.

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  5. Exactly as @Reth said, DM is going to be your best practice. Casual can be good for getting used to the timings on the maps though.

    Although to really get practice you should play DM like your playing a comp match. You want to keep moving one way.

    Example: head to b site on dust 2 from spawn, check every single spot that you normally would in a regular take, check lower tuns, peek plat, check left side when entering site, check car, etc etc.

    Do not worry about getting shot from behind and do not worry about your k/d.

    Anyway back to the original topic on the thread, yeah I used to play csgo haven't really played much these past few months but I used to be LE think I'm mg1 now.

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  6. One thing that helps me and my teamates, is never complain with you play against a smurf. Stay positive and learn from how he plays.

    Playing better people that you makes you better. As long as you apply the lessons.
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  7. Anyone wanna CSGO?

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