Discussion in 'General' started by BIGw0rm, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. I play CS alot and i was wondering if anyone else in the city plays and what ip's they like to play at
  2. used to play everyday but my comp broke and i cant dl it back on....FUCKIN SHIT ASSHOLE........but you can see by my name i used to play a lot.......i used to play under: purple elephant, cs_shoota, and a few others... i stoped when all that cheating death started commin on....but im gunna get it fixed soon
  3. i love cs... play all the time when i sposed to be working :p.....uuhh ip's..... my fav serv.. . or youl prob find me here more often
  4. i loved that game when it first came out, but now it's full of 12 year olds who've found out how to use their parents PC. and all they do is shout "HeY No0bZzZ 1 r0xXx0r uR /-\$$!!!111"...

    and they call EVERYONE gay!!! *argh*
  5. I play all the time in a WC3 Mod Server. Its fun. I'll tell you the ip when i get it.
  6. i suck pondwater (as my teacher would put it) at CS, but i do play it a little bit- only at LAN parties, which my friend hosts about every month. they are pretty small but its fun when you get 5 VS 5. last time though, i didnt play it at all because im currently addicted to warcraft 3.

  7. i play awp_map exclusively, but not as much lately

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