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Discussion in 'General' started by Tumble, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. if youre gonna flame, then leave thread immediatly.

    does anyone have a good working CS wallhack or any other hacks for that matter?
  2. I used to hack in CS a long ass time ago, around season 12 in CAL. Here's a decent website with a bunch of CS aimbots/wallhacks - just remember it's not my fault if you get vacced. http://www.mirc-scripts.de/pn/html/index.php
  3. i hacked my way to cal-m in 1.5.. dont hack man its just ruining the game.. i havent hacked since and i compete in lan tourneys constantly.. but if your looking for hacks google japsclan or myg0t..

    lord doja
  4. thanks home diddly :) :) :) +rep

    ill let ya know if it works

    i actually used to play CS and i hacked but i cant login to my steam account but my friend asked me if i knew and said he'd pay me 2 bucks if i found him one so i said what the hell :)

    more are welcome peeps :)
  5. not to "flame u" but come on man hacking is wack man nothing is wacker then some one speed hacking or even aim bot hackin (weeeaaaakkk sauceeee), ill admit i was lookin for hacks before but then i realised shit was dumb. play cs when your baked out of you mind :p sooo fun
  6. I'm assuming your talkin about hacking a game or some shit so you can steal shit n get mad items

    n after some brief thought i'm assuming that game is counter strike

    which is kinda gangster i guess, u just take what you want haha, at least thats what all the rappers tell me :)

    i don know shit about hacking, and video games are dumb in my opinion unless ur really desperately bored... but if thats ur thing then hey, do the damn thing

    yea, i didnt help ya out at all i know
  7. Not if you use hacks to guard against hacks.

    I say use all the hacks you want, so vac can detect them later :)

    i used to use hacks, until i saw how boring everything got. literally it takes the fun outa cs.. Mirc Script as mentioned b4 has the best. i think theres only 6 vac proof, and vac 2 dissablers

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