Cs 1.6 Who Still Plays?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronik-Judge, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. How good of a game was that? So who here still plays oh and here is how you can reach me:

    User: [PBS] Judge
    Web: www.pbshock.com

    Anyways me and a friend just got back into it. And we made a clan, we happen to be usign my domain (www.pbshock.com) as our clan website, and im hosting a clan server..(

    Sorry got the ip wrong the first tiem


  2. i played that SOOO much fall/winter quarter

    i will get back into it this summer

    i THINK my username is Hazed420
  3. I play. CS name is gremlin [Get Murked Liberals]

    Steam account name is AK_MuNkY

    Anyways. I'll see ya on there some time.
  4. Alright so we'll set up a time and we can all meet up:D
  5. Sounds good. I am open any time tomorrow.
  6. I play 1.6, but i admit recently i bought CS:S and i've begun to really like it.

    Except the whole random bullet not registering thing.
  7. hell yeah.. just started playing cs again a few days ago after a really long break....

    source is good too but i prefer the original, more ppl playing, more leagues and stuff..
  8. yeah i played for the 1st time the other day in a loong while i still got a lil bit of skill.:D

    i used to be amazing.
  9. Alright who is up for some gaming in 1 hour from this post?
  10. Cmon blaze a bowl and play some cs its the way to go!
  11. pshh you guys suck, someone pick a better time then
  12. i only play condition zero :D

    if anyone has a clan and wants a match some time msg me :devious:
  13. i play hardly but ill get on this summer alot .. 5 days baby
  14. So anyone want to gaem right now? dude fuck condition zero lol, its the same shit. Just come on the original

  15. its not the same shit at all :rolleyes:
  16. Cmonnnnnn:D
  17. Alright i'll be checkign server once in awhile to see if anyone is on there..
  18. I'll check out that server soon, I'm busy lately though

    I have several usernames

    • MK ULTRA
    • Green_Wizard
    • kill_everybody
    also anything tG` prefix.
  19. Yo. Just woke up. I'll get on right now if ya want.
  20. sellout :(

    i didnt think you would change over to source..........such blasphemy

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