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"crystals "

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pistol321, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. The more crystals you see on the bud, the better right ? What should I be looking for when purchasing bud ?
  2. well.... how long have you been smoking?

    like how many times?
  3. just wondering on what you actually need to be smoking.

    no use in buying the dank all the time is shwag could kill you.
  4. "Crystals" are trichomes, which contain a high concentration of THC, which is the major chemical in marijuana that is psychoactive.

    The more the merrier.
  5. pal, there are plenty of things to look for when you are picking up trees.

    you dont want an earthy smell. you want a pungent, piney, or spicy smell from your good trees. some people interpret some pungent and piney smells as "fruity" too. you want buds that have never been hbricked up before, so your pioeces of trees should look like nuggets instead of patties if they are good.

    seeds are bad. the best weed in the world is seedless "sensimillia" however, if fyou get a good bunch of trees that didnt get the males removed quite fast enough, they might have a seed or two in th enugs, but still be fire. this is common with home grows and such.
  6. I've been smokin for 13 years on and off. I'm in dallas, texas and need to find some real good bud. I'm tired of average weed. :confused:
  7. You're in a city. You should be able to find stuff, even though Texas is packed with mexi-brick shit.
  8. Drive North, youll find fire soo fast
  9. dude, stop lying, no one smokes for 13 years without picking up an idea of what to look for when buying dank bud. Unless youve been smoking nothing but schwag for 13 years.
  10. #10 Floydian, Apr 25, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019

  11. actually hairs are trichomes buddy, crystals are crystals
  12. BOTH, are Trichomes.

    If I recall, the full name of the crystal type Trichs is glandular Trichomes.

    But, wether you want to believe it or not, crystals are not called crystals... there is nothing on a plant that's technical name is crystals. Both hairs and "crystals", again, are forms of Trichomes.
  13. I always thought the hairs were the pistol of the female flower
  14. They are, as far as I know; they're still a form of Trichome. And they can exist on males too.
  15. So in laymans terms, crystals are the things that give you a stiff pee pee.

  16. word. if you can't find dank north of dallas, you can't find dank at all.
  17. THC coverage is always a good way of knowing what quality of stuff youve got.

    Saying that, when i visiting Amsterdam last year i bought some that was completley WHITE, and the bag was literally coated in crystals after smoking it.

    When i say white, i mean whiter than the whitest widow ive ever seen! Was called Crystal Bomb and it looked like cauliflower.

    Had almost no taste though, just felt like pure burn like you get from thc crystals on there own, and it wasnt even anywhere near as good as a lot of different strains ive had previously. Just couch locked to fuck!
  18. In texas i find nothing but bricked schwag.
    Whats wrong with bricked?
    I mean i know the shit i find is B.S.
    But i mean is all bricked weed bad or something?
  19. stuff that isnt bricked and seedy will get you more messed up. that being said, ive always noticed how messed up i get if i make a quick switch to mersh or whatever from the usual trees i smoke (mostly headies) i get TRASHED haha like ive been smoking all day and getting slammed in the head, which i am all about in moderation.
  20. if its jamaican or thai brick weed it should be ok.

    Usually looks like shit and smells like hash almost while smoking though, but itll do the job.
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