Crystallized Nugs!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. I got an eigth of this for 25 today, mmm delicious, takes like oranges and has the WILDEST FRUITIEST smell... i think i pressed down a little hard on the scanner....

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  2. ok.. wow... two TINY ass bowls, like .2 grams maybe each (what my pipe holds)... and omg, im so fucking high... yea, wasnt even .2 grams i dont think because a blunt is 1 gram, a joint is .5 grams, and i could do like ... 10 or 12 of them out of a blunt. so damn, i dunno, its not much, but im so fucking high lol... thats not the whole eigth
  3. tastes just like some ak, might be too, looked like it before i pressed the scanner on it :\
  4. because, it states on the forum description somethin about "post your heavenly buds ect..." well, its made for individual pictures, and btw... i never buy by the gram...
  5. no, i just never buy by the gram cause it wastes money, when if you buy a quarter by the gram you end up payin like 20 per gram for some people? and thats 140 dollars, when you could've saved up faster for the 100 and got it all good...
  6. damn, i don't care bout shit, cause 25 an eigth of this stuff is a hell of a deal, this shit is mad crystally (as you can tell in pic) and its so tastey omg, so sweet and fruity, i love it! PS highgirly, you seem cool, just DEMANDING :D but marijuana has kept me from being mad at anyone!
  7. I think you should get off his ass, hes only trying to show people what he has.
  8. word has it that it might be orangeberry, its been circling through the area, its brand new, omg, im lovin it, just took 2 bowls to the dome and now i gotta go shopping with gramps! omg, all the colors are so bright!!!!!!
  9. are u sure someone didnt just stick an orange peel in the bag before u got it? looks real shwaggy to me
  10. Looks like the hard, compressed, regular I would get around my area. Usually it's 20 a quarter.
  11. it was compressed in my shoe... it was all nice and fluffy, but when you're scared of getting searched, you hide it and you dont care if it compresses beautiful buds... but hey, I know it's fucking dank cause im so fucking high lol
  12. Believe me highgirly420 you dont want to call me dumb.
  13. Everyone needs to chill.

    If someone wants to start a thread to post pics of what they have, it's perfectly alright.


  14. That's just not right. Unless your blunt is mixed with a large amount of tobacco, you are going to run an 8th a blunt minimum.

  15. dude are u out of ur fucking 8th a blunt what the fuck are u blunt is about a gram man
  16. i roll a gram into a joint
  17. whats the point of smokin a blunt thats any less than an eigth? a gram blunt is TINY

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