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Crystal Weed Or Northern Lights?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Komatic, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Sup Blades
    What you guys/gals think is a better smoke out of the two? 
    - Crystal 
    - Northern Lights 

  2. I heard northern lights give you a body high that NO OTHER STRAIN can mimic. Also it's gotta be the most famous strain ever. Remember that..
  3. maui wowie or white widow is way more famous IMO
  4. maui wowie or white widow is way more famous IMO
    </blockquote>I meant to say one of the most famous. My bad
  5. All strains are different 
    View attachment 1025041
    View attachment 1025043
    theres some northern lights, absolutely Grade AAA when grown right, chill weed.
    When I picked up a QP of maui, it literaly smelled exotic, Super fruity, also chill weed but tasty and STRONG.
    I liked maui waui more but NL over shiny bud.
  6. Northern Lights #5 is where it's at.
  7. Northern lights is my favorite strain ever so that got my vote
  8. Idk what you mean by "Crystal" Imma go with NL.
    Do you mean just tons of trichs and "frosty"? or is it a specific strain?
    It's actually a specific strain, 100% Sativa
  10. cant go wrong with northern lights, the way i see it.
    also, damn didn't expect the poll to be a blowout like this.
  11. It's actually a specific strain, 100% Sativa
    </blockquote>There is no 100% they're are no pure strains my friend. It may be 99% sativa dom which I doubt it's even out there. But never say 100% no weed is pure indica or sativa
  12. #12 Komatic, Jun 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2013
    Ah, I see... Usually the most potent highs come from the ones that are about 50/50 or near that ratio. 
    Anyways, I decided to order some Hindu Kush instead. It was a little cheaper.  :smoke:
    EDIT: You know if it's safe to smoke marijuana that's been grown using Ammonia based fertilizer?
  13. lol you cheap mofo. how much was the NL?
    It's 0.91 Bitcoins for 7gs, the Kush was 0.41 for 3.5gs. 
    Thats about £65 GBP
    The Kush looked really nice as well... Like it was perfectly grown. 
  15. What's a bitcoin? Where you from?
  16. It's from a website where you have to do a bunch of shit to surf the web anonymously and shit. Bit coins are like Microsoft points for the said website, kinda sketchy I don't know if the website is supposed to be spoken about much but it's basically allows you to buy drugs of the Internet
  17. lol why would you talk about getting shit from SR publicly.
  18. Always been a fan of northern lights

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