Crystal limit - 6 weeks old from seed ( PICS )

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  1. So this is my first grow and I just wanted to post some pics of the progress of my plants to see what you guys think about them.

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  2. Looks good! :) Keep it going.
  3. thanks, i'm glad I got some positive feedback, Here's a photo of my second one.

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  4. stem looks nice looks like you got some tighly stacked nodes should grow quite a bit when thrown into flower
  5. When do you think I should start flowering? This is my first time growing, I was thinking of letting it veg for like another week or so. And do you think my pots are big enough to hold them till the end or should I transplant before flower?
  6. you could get away with the same pot but if you gave it a biger one it would do beter
  7. Those stems are thick as hell for the amount of veg you have going on; that's a cool-ass strain.

    They aren't going to produce much more veg in that container, though; the roots are probably circling as I type. Repot, wait a couple days, and then induce flowering if you want to increase yield. If you're happy with your plants, induce flowering now, 'cause they will most likely meet their potential during flowering in their current situation.
  8. So I decided to transplant them into a soil bed. here's some pics hope its alright for them. (Its the only bigger thing I had)

    And i put a pic of my new bong, I love it so much. got it 2 days ago.

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  9. Nice glass!!!!! Better flip that light now and LST the hell out of em as they stretch . Flouros don't penetrate very much.

    Here are my 3 the same age in DWC system. I flipped my light yesterday

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  10. Your plants are awsome man, I wish I had a setup like that. Yeah I decided to flower them I just switched my timer. So ill post more pics in a few days as soon as I see signs of sex.
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    Prob a wk 10 days for sex but watch that stretch with the flouros need to be right down on top for best results.

    Call my grow the ghetto because of the cheap throw together make something work anyway i can without spending any money. Necessity is the mother of invention. Specially when you are as poor as me
  12. I just tied them down and put the lights as close as I could get them.

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  13. how much vertical space do you have and how much wattage of light really depend on when you flower
  14. i would prolly hold off another week and a half if you have a good light source
  15. Well right now I have approxx 100 watt of fluros and I ordered a 100 watt HPS. and its an empty closet so vertical height is no problem.

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