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  1. Within 5 years you'll laugh at bitcoin.
    Remember Nokia phones from the mid 2000s?
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  2. yes I am started investing in alt coins. started with .06 bitcoin currently have .30 bitcoin in 3 weeks. its easy pickings as such so I'm finding and ive not traded since pokemon cards where in highschool lol. how do you feel about dopecoin? I have all money invested in it as of recent, bought at 1300 sats. hoping it goes higher than its 2700sats last week in the following 2 weeks. If you are a trader message me.
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  3. Could you elaborate on why you think this?

  4. I've been on Nokia phones since the mid 90's.

    I don't think anyone capable of observing trends will be "laughing at bitcoin", regardless what happens from now on.
    Its popularity trajectory, win or lose, will be easy to read and interpret.

    If what you mean to say is, many more, and or more complex, counter culture currencies will arise that dwarf Bitcoin, then that is a different discussion and would demand some data be put forth to support your view.
  5. 0.3 bitcoin IN 3 WEEKS?? FFS BRUH... I have about 0.002...I'm using nicehash to mine the bitcoins so I can afford to upgrade my rig to gtx 1060 SC. anyway, that's my fuckin problem. To answer your question about how I feel about dopecoin, I don't feel anything about it. Because I've never heard about it until now. So I don't know. Yes. I want to get my money right so I can start trading. But first I have to upgrade my shit.
  6. The proof is in the pudding. Ok. let me confess. I have no idea. I'm just going with my gut here.
  7. I don't need to put forth any data to support my view. I'm a prophet. You feel me? prophet1.jpg
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  8. I didn't mean to bash Nokia. I dig Nokia bigtime... Allz I'm saying is bitcoin is the Don Dada. Everyone knows that. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. But Nem on the other hand, is like the Iphone. just the operating system and a more functional touchscreen changed the game forever.I feel NEM will work because the way I'm seeing it, it will take the least amount of time for it to be adopted on a grand scale by already existing systems. That's their main M.O.
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  9. Fair enough and honest, I appreciate it.

    I am ignorant when it comes to cryptocurrency but I try to absorb a little here and there.

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  10. Trust me man, EVERYONE else is on the same boat... It's only natural that something less than a decade old has no proper experts on it yet. We learn as we go no?
  11. And if all this shit comes burning down to the ground (As Warren Buffet believes) Then we'll have our story to tell the next generation.
  12. Bitcoin will be replaced most likely I feel, when they lose all their rights in time of being the original cryptocurrency it may be hard to compete with more innovative and or safer electronic currency. They might survive though, having the amount of resources they do; I feel like they're the facebook or youtube of currency at this point, in that I feel like they're on the cusp of innovation and while they have an empire built from groundbreaking developments, that broken ground could turn to quicksand at any time making way for the next greatest site/currency. Data folding is not going anywhere but up, mankind is finding more and more need for mass complex data calculations. The currency might change the game will still be the same.

  13. who mines bitcoin unless your like in china?

    the coins your mining wont cover your elec costs , im guessing this thread is about trading in coins which people always sell back to bitcoin.

    my mate started with £1500 6 week ago and hes at about £10k now.
  14. With all due respect to Warren Buffet, but I've heard other geniuses say "never" and fail miserably.

    Kodak wasn't going digital, neither was blockbuster.. smart people were in charge, yet failed miserably. And now Kodak is back with a fake coin to get a tiny boost in their stock price... Ironic.

    When you say "never", there's no hedging your position and no genius investor/trader would be be left open. This is not the right lexicon.

    P.s. bet you one xrp that Buffet has some cyptos stashed away. His words move markets, creating FUD for profit is a reasonable move.
  15. For those into crypto for the money, invest in alt coins- especially those under 50 cents. Buy thousands of them. It is way easier to make huge profits off small coins that go up to a dollar each, than it is it bitcoins price doubled (which could take many months, a year or more)
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  16. I think the real BTC slayer is Ripple. It's pre-mined so no electricity needed, better for environment. It moves billions under 5 seconds with fees only for a penny. BTC is too slow and held by a small group of mining pools (mostly Chinese) which makes it not truly decentralized in so few hands. BTC fees are insane, transaction speeds take hours so slow and the miners are laughing to the bank
  17. NEM is huge in Japan. Crypto is huge in Japan, hell they're thinking of making a crypto to replace the Yen.
  18. I leave my ps4 on all the time for gta to auto level up I'm nearly level 1000 it took a year ha ha I wonder if this will be worth anything kids pay loads of money so hey can have I'm game money.

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  19. You sure you're on the right thread bruv?

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