Cryogenically Frozenfor 1000years?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazinAzin, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Just say you had these nanobots working in your body that meant you could live forever, by constantly rebuilding you etc. And just say you were cryogenically frozen and put deep underground for 1000years. If you were to get cryogenically frozen and wake up after 1000 years, what do you reckon the wait would feel like? You reckon it'd feel like the same as a night's sleep, like going to sleep and waking up soon but in facts it's been 1000 years or would it feel waaayyy longer? thoughtS?
  2. Futurama style haha.

    I think you would keep dreaming and it would feel one night but a lot of dreams. Maybe no dreams if frozen, no one knows.
  3. what if you held your piss and shit for that long.
  4. It would feel shorter than sleeping if anything. When you're asleep, your brain still has activity. If you were cryogenically frozen, all your brain/body activity would stop completely. You wouldn't even notice it happened.
  5. you would actually dream up a world in which you are king, and would reign for what feels like 1000 years. Then sadly wake up to a desolate wasteland(assuming there was a nuclear war and humans were extinct).
  6. if cyrogenically being frozen stops all bodily activity, am i correct? then that's what it's like to die

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