Cryogenically Freeze Obama lol.

Discussion in 'General' started by xLifteDx, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I saw this vid earlier and had to share it. I thought this guy was serious until toward the end.

    Obama Adviser Reveals Campaign's Secret Strategy (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

    "The US will be run by a series of corporations, hopefully foreign. The 3 branches of government will disband, Texas secedes, North Dakota becomes part of Canada, and California just falls into the ocean. The President is then cryogenically frozen. In 2084 he is then unfrozen and runs on an ultra-conservative platform"

    Lol this is the wildest shit ever.
  2. How does this affect us? More propaganda and meaningless bullshit. I wish I had as much free time as you.
  3. so basically you waste your time typing up a post in order to be an ass and im wasting my time? Its not a real video clearly, its a fucking joke wow.

    BTW this is a forum, if your posting on here in general your wasting your time.
  4. That's awesome haha it's a bit like the onion, although to be honest he's probably planning shit like that anyway.
  5. Lol I actually have cryo insurance Ive had it since I was around 6 years old. My brain will be frozen to preserve memory and personality. Alot people have this including a few of my family.

    But fuck obama dude was at a bball game in times like these.

  6. What seriously haha where can i get this stuff dude ?
  7. Theres tons of places man, people think its only for the rich but the prices vary from if you want full body or brain preservastion.(20,000-200,000).

    Im currently with ALcor.

  8. DAT SHIT CRAY:devious:

  9. How does it work ?

  10. Yea dude im pretty curious myself.. Didnt know anything like this existed lol, enlighted us brotha. :D
  11. What if someday they put you in a robot body that would be fuckin awesome.

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