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  1. Is it possible to freeze sprouts or seedlings for a 2-6 month period and then plant them directly into a soil mix when convenient? I'm thinking about submersing sprouts that are small enough to fit in ice cube tray spaces. I want to see if I can just plant an ice cube with a sprout in it and have it take root. Maybe it would work better (if at all) in a hydro set-up. Any ideas out there?
  2. HIGH All, no.

    The plant cells freeze and there is no coming back from that.
  3. it's a matter of climate? Or the animal itself? When, in environments where CS seeds fall to earth and remain in freezing temps until it gets warm enough for normal planting do not take root in good soil when it's time to sow, is it just the freezing of them period that makes it impossible? Phyll
  4. MJ is an annual. this means it makes alot of seeds that sprout the first chance they get.
    but there are a certain % that is also something called 'hard' seeds. these usually take alot more to break seed domancy. in this way...if those first seeds get killed from some disturbance (frost for an annual is a disturbance, a plow digging up a weed is also a disturbance) these harder to germinate seeds are then in place to reproduce and send out its gammies.

    annuals typically are weaklings and only in it for the fast flower. they get frozen out very easly. cuz there is more seeds where that came from usually.

    typically a soil temp of 55F is needed for a few days before the seed even thinks about germination. thats why u should have a heated matt to speed up germ's.

    i hope this answers u
  5. Yeah, thanks. No Cryo-Sprouts. Oh well, can't have everything!
  6. Just think about it like this...could you freeze your hand in liquid nitrogen, thaw it out, and use it again? It would probably be one bad case of frostbite! :eek:

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