crushed ice without an ice crusher

Discussion in 'General' started by wDonnel, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. so i did this yesterday:

    i put water in my freezer for like an hour thinking it would just be really cold, when i got it out there was a lot of ice on the top of the cup. so what i did was i took a spoon started knocking in the ice, the ice broke up into little bits so i just put it in my bong, so thats how you can get crushed ice for your bong, without an ice crusher, i got really really cool hits
  2. If you put crushed ice in a bong, you'd have to smoke that shit fast before it melted. Seems like ruining a high to me. :/
  3. no rush man, start out with crushed ice, end up with ice water.
  4. I love putting crushed ice in my bong. Makes it so smooth. Anyways thanks for the tip dude. Oh and I second the ice water response.
  5. just by a bag of ice and hit it with a sledge hammer

    (it works sometimes, ive tried it)
  6. I use my kids icee machine.
    I think it's called a Sunbeam Ice Shaver.
    Great for snocones too.:)
  7. I just put as much ice that i need into a bag and smash it up with a hammer, when the bag starts to rip you need to put it in a new bag tho so it dosen't spray every where.

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