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crushed ice bong question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SevenString, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. everytime i see a bong with ice, its always whole pieces. And why I myself do not currently have a bong due to financial and current living situation, I was wondering. If you put just a few. maybe 3 or so, full pieces couldnt you put crushed ice on top of that. it would have better airflow than snow and much more smoke would touch the is vs using just whole pieces. So how well does this work. is anyone willing to do a test for me. 1 with just whole pieces and 1 with a few whole and lots of crushed. if anyone is willing to do this i will provide you rep and if you do videos too i will love you forever ^_^

    thank you for taking your time to read this good sirs and ma'ams
  2. I'll put crushed ice in the base of my bong, it's realllly smooth.
  3. thats actually a real good idea, nice op. but the only problem i see is it melting quickly.
  4. it works alright, just nowhere near well enough to justify the extra work involved. although I have gone to the effort to powder ice (to emulate snow), because snow hits are ridiculously smooth.

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