Crushed Glass Percolator Cleaning

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  1. Hello there, I was just curious if anyone has had any experience in cleaning a crushed glass disc percolator. Would 90% iso do the job or is there a bong cleaner available that would be better? Any help or opinions will be greatly appreciated, just got my first rig with the crushed glass disc and would rather be safe than sorry when putting random cleaners in it. Thanks in advance, Mike W.
  2. Iso will work great, just don't shake to vigorously, let the solvent do it's job, those disks are a pain in the ass to clean 100%
  3. Let hot water sit in that bong. When the glass is good and hot dump the water and add the 90% ISO. Let it sit over night, save the ISO for next time it's reusable, rinse that piece before you use it.

    More then that, clean it often and don't mix ganja and dabs on that kind of perc. It turns to baby shit cement and you'll never get it clean.
  4. if your using it for flower then try out a carbon filter. Keeps the piece cleaner over time.
  5. If iso doesn't get it clean enough try simple green. Just fill your tube with it, let it sit for about 6-12hrs (I usually just do it overnight) and then rinse it out with hot water. It'll look brand new and the simple green can be reused if you filter it through a coffee filter.

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  6. Just an FYI, pretty much every single 'specialized' bong cleaner out there is just rubbing alcohol and salt lol, so don't bother ever buying it, when salt is ¢88 and a bottle of 91% ISO is $2

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