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crumled herbs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by openmouthransom, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Has anyone out of herbs ever searched their car/truck for dropped little pieces,nugs, or anything left over and found just enough for a bowl?

    it is quite gratifying :smoke:
  2. Lol I do that every now and then, I also do that when Im all outta cigs, usually find 1 or 2 in my car somewhere. Luckily if I can't find enough for a bowl in my car I just dig out some resin from my pipe, its so full of resin I dropped it on concrate and it didn't break lol, Im pretty sure if it wasn't for all that resin it would have shattered.

    Welcome the city btw bro. :smoke:
  3. I am usually pretty careful to keep my car clean. I have definitely heard about and seen videos of cops charging people for having just a tiny piece on the floor of the car. Also think of all the nasty dirt and carpet fibers you could be inhaling by smoking weed from the floor of the car.
  4. lol not I but my buddy, whenever i am out, i know i can pop by his place and search his car/sofa etc. he drops all the time, and forgets, sometimes he wil call and be like damn i just found an o from the last harvest that i hid form myself, like 6 months later, LOL!
  5. I was cleaning out a car of mine that i was gunna sell and found about an 8th of weed. There were little nugs every where and under the driver seat looked like i was growing it under there.....

    I was so happy because i was dry at the time and expected to only find a tiny bit
  6. Unfortunately I have two furry critters that live with me and coat my apartment with their hair. I have to be pretty desperate to pick crumbs off my floor. Burnt cat hair is not fun to smoke.
  7. ha ha i know what ya mean, i got a 50 lb boxer/lab/? and he tends to nose in on sessions and occasionaly he gets hair on the weed or the bowl and you light it and are like, damn it dog!

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