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CruiseShip buying pipes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by coolalright, May 25, 2009.

  1. Alright so im going on a cruise in about 4 weeks, last time i went on a cruise I has smoked before but not enough for me to want to buy a pipe. I have a question about buying and security.

    Since im going with my family, at dock if i buy a pipe and on the way back onto the ship, will they want to see what it is if its in my backpack or something? Also when you go through those giant detectors, all those things are are metal detectors right? and as long as there aren't any weapons or obvious drugs in my bag i should be fine?
  2. recently when i brought bud on a cruise i just brought a pack of papers in my pocket
  3. I went on a cruise with my school and bought weed and a pipe in jamaica. brought it back on in my pocket.... they only really search your bags. people said they would have drug sniffing dogs, but they didnt. I was puffin heavy on the boat after that right in my room. $15 1/4 and $10 spoon FTW.

    they will always check your bag.... they are really making sure your not trying to bring back tons of alcohol on the boat.... so they have the kind like at the airports carry that shit in your pocket.

  4. I have been on three cruises in the last couple of years. The security is about protecting the ship, they don´t give a stuff about what you might want to smoke in international waters. Yes, your bags go through the Xray every time you go on board, and you walk through the metal detector. A glass pipe is no problem, anyway you could be using it to smoke tobacco. And any stash you may have in your pocket won´t show up either - not that anyone cares. They are checking you aren´t bringing weapons of any kind on board, and that is all.

  5. based on the fact that he is from Houston, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say its a US based departure. those cruises are most definitely going to have a problem if you are blazing on their ship. it does not matter if its international waters. its an illegal drug in the port of origin, and a glass pipe is considered paraphanalia... so its gonna be a problem. if the cruise goes through international waters you also go through customs before boarding. people who are really going to have a serious issue if your bringing pipes/drugs with you.
  6. I don´t want to argue about law in international waters, of which I am not qualified. But all I can say is based on my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE there would be no difficulty whatever taking a pipe and MJ on board.
    And I can also say that cruise ships always have a casino - it is invariably closed when the ship is in port, against the law in very many places - but open in international waters, where it is not against anybody´s law.
  7. Im not arguing im just stating fact.

    Gambling on cruises is a big draw lots of people go on cruises simply becasue they get to gamble between destinations, the boat makes tons of money and everyone is happy. its not like the boat becomes the wild west once it leaves port. sure you can gamble, but you will get in trouble for doing drugs on a boat if caught. period. its common sense. you go through customs when you board. they will ask you about the stuff you are bringing on. they are gonna ask about drugs and paraphernalia. they can search your person and detain you if you have anything you shouldn't have.

    if you read my first post. you will see i also told the OP that I bought a pipe and bag in jamaica.... i brouhgt it on in my pocket- no problems.

    I just think your statement that they will not care if you are puffin on the boat is wildly off base. thats all.

    also where did you crusie depart from... somewhere in europe?
  8. Yes, I was just forgetting how anal Americans can be about a bit of pot.
  9. its not a problem dude. its crazy we have to think the way we do.

    It just seems to me that this kid must be pretty young. going on a family trip and what not. the last thing he needs is to get detained. just wanna make sure he gets some good advice and stays out of trouble.:smoking:
  10. clean glass isnt illegal bro,

    you can bring a fucking 10ft bong home if you want.
  11. #11 KAdernal, May 25, 2009
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    I guess i was assuming but i figure if your buying a pipe your putting weed in it. but yea clean glass is no problem.

    I once got pulled aside at JFK going thru security check and they pulled my roor mini out of my backpack (didn't wanna put it under the plane). It was all boxed up and what not, but since they could tell what it was pretty much from the x-ray machine they un-boxed it and swabbed it down with all kinds of chemical residue testing stuff. luckily I clean my glass like its my job.

    after they found no traces of anything TSA told me to just put it under the plane next time, becasue technically i wasnt supposed to have it on the plane even though it was clean. he also tried to get me to tell him what i smoke out of it, I was like "it makes my tobacco taste so good, guy"

    it also varies from state to state, what is considered legal. like i know in Florida lots of shops got busted for selling pipes with carbs, because that is explicitly illegal there.

  12. yeah, im not worried about them finding it. i just dont want them taking out the pipe and asking about it becuase im going to be with my family and they currently dont know i smoke

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