crucial time.. 1st week of flowering help!

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  1. Hey guys first grow and had 4 female cheeseberry haze plants after many problems I finally figured it out and had 2 of them survive I just started flowering them there 3 days into 12 12 light cycle. How long do they stay in this process normally and I heard you don't add nutes for the last 2 weeks? And how do you know when its ready to be picked? I've read it before but forgot. Please help, thanks..
  2. you start adding nutes once the third set of leaves show..

    you put your plant on 12/12 for a length of time that your strain dictates...

    usually somewhere between a month and a half and two and a half months

    flower time for the cheese is 9-10 weeks....

  3. you dont have to not add in nutes the last two weeks, you can flush the plants instead the last week or so. However, if your nutes are organic then you dont need to
  4. I'm going to just be a smart ass and say ....By the time there ready youll know when to pick 'em...............
  5. excuse me, didnt know whereto post so just grabbed the top thread:smoke:
    anyone have any idea to when seeds germed in a glass of water are supposed to pop? also, whats the best temp to keep em germn' in cuz i wasnt thinking about it till about a day after and had left the glass nxt to a heater and the water got pretty warm. i even think some of the seeds may have started to develop some sort of mold or something!:eek: yea..

  6. Also, if you are growing hydro, there is no reason to flush either, just give nutes as normal until the day you harvest.
  7. Dude, don't hijack someone's thread because of your ignornace. Thats disrespectful and not cool, and you won't get an answer to your questions. Hit the "New Thread" button and make your own thread.
  8. Ya my strain says 9-10 weeks, but I've had my plants for 8 weeks already in veg state but I just set it to 12 12 so shouldn't it be like 2-3 weeks until I harvest, and do you guy know any tricks to a betr harvest like I heard if you don't give the plants water for the last 2 days it produces more resin. Anything ill take any pointers that have worked.
  9. no, that 9-10 weeks is the flowering time, how long on 12/12 it should be in. As for little tricks, there are tons and tons of wives tales, I wouldn't suggest depriving your plants of water, but pure water in the last 2 weeks is preferred for flushing reasons, but I have heard that leaving your plants in complete darkness for the last 2 days can make them excrete more thc into the buds, but I really have no idea if there is truth to that, never noticed a difference. However, I think you need to go do some more reading before you delve into this much further. Go to absolute beginner section and read the sticky's, there is a ton of good information there. Also, you can purchase (or download if your decent with a computer) growing books that should guide you appropriately.

  10. you need to do more research before trying to grow, i wouldnt expect great results if i were you...

    you can veg for as long as you want but the flowering time for plants is dependent purely on the genetics. Flowering for your strain should be about 2-3 months, roughly. You have that much longer from whenever you decide to switch them into flowering. Be patient man, those babies will grow.

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